Baubles: Using what we have for Halloween

We spent $5 on both costumes.  We went this year as The Wolfman (1941) characters.  Terrell was The Wolfman and I was the gypsy Maleva.  The only thing we sprung for was the Werewolf kit that had teeth, makeup(that we didn’t use…) and liquid latex and fur.  It was fun, no one really knew the characters, but it didn’t matter.  Our outfits were detailed enough that Werewolf and Gypsy were immediately known.  Good enough.  🙂

As a kid, Mom always made our costumes or it was something that took very few dollars to put together.  My Brother and I never felt shorted and our costumes were always fun.  I was a witch, a gypsy, Cyndi Lauper, a vampire and other easily pieced together outfits.  It brought our creativity to the table.  I think my husband was a little impressed with my wolf face painting skills.  No need to use the oil paint that would itch and be on everything, I pulled out brown and black eye shadows and bronzer for base, along with eyeliners.  He was complemented on his face all night long.  A little fur on his hands and some old pointy ears I had from an outfit 4 years ago and he was set.  I’ll post a better picture later this week but for now….iphone quick capture!


Beats: Crystal Castles

Favorite old meets favorite new! I can’t stop listening to this on repeat. I demand more…..please…..with a cherry on top!

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

I can’t believe October is almost over.  Time flies when you are learning new things!

My Handsome Man and I

My Handsome Man and I

This month I am especially thankful for Terrell.  My husband makes me hella happy.  He has the right encouraging words when I feel like I’m not getting something, he knows what to say to make me chill out and he offers the best advice on how to fix a situation.  He is my rock, my best friend and my biggest cheerleader and without that this year I don’t know if I would still have my sanity.  Friday is our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Sweetness!  I love you more than I sometimes can even express.  Joining hands with you and promising to be your wife is the best thing I have ever done.

Me at work (showing off new shorter haircut)

Me at work (showing off new shorter haircut)

My job makes me happy.  While I have had a day or two where training made me question my ability to do this job…with the proper training I feel that I am getting a good grasp of my job duties and am getting the hang of what I should be accomplishing every day.  It’s rewarding to have a job that makes me use my brain a little.  It had been a long time since I had a job that makes me use my noggin.  I go home tired, I want to tune out and veg out.  I know this is a habit I need to break, and I am slowly fixing it.  Coming home and getting a few things done, taking a look at my checklist and THEN tuning out. 🙂

Blue Betty (rama lama oh oh BLUE Betty, rama lama!) hehe

Blue Betty (rama lama oh oh BLUE Betty, rama lama!) hehe

My car is making me all sorts of happy.  My car is officially PAID OFF!  WooHoo!  I need to celebrate the occasion correctly though.  My car to be washed and shined and made to look pretty.  She had some problems last month and it turns out she needed a tune up at 70,000 instead of the recommended 80,000 so with that my little blue Betty (A blue Ford Focus 2 door with hatchback) is running like she’s young again.  So we are down to having just one car payment and it’s a great thing.  I plan on using the money to go to our house fund.  Put away some of the money that would have gone to the payment and pay off bills with a little of it as well.  Ahhh!

Quick Mentions:

* The new Interpol album is dreamy * I love Halloween! Dressing as the gypsy from the movie The Wolfman (1941) and husband is going as The Wolfman (Lon Channey Jr.) * Plans to get away this next weekend have me excited!  Getting a room on the water somewhere! *This replica of an old aluminum ad, perfect for me (and matches the gross wall paper oddly enough!) and was a cheap find! * These cat eye glasses that I paid $8 for will be my new glasses soon (so I’ll have 2 pair nice normal, and sassy fun cat eye!) * We went to Rocky Horror Picture Show last weekend (I won us tickets on Twitter) it was a lot of fun! The cast was great! * Playing with Honey in the backyard, her bunny hops make me laugh. * Kind of obsessed with new genre Witch House, its strange and fun!

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits Of Happy

Oh this week! I cannot even begin to express! The last few weeks, I was at the point of giving up. I was trying to stay positive but having a really hard time doing so. Right at the point of hitting despair I get a phone call for an interview for the next week. That weekend I spent the evening with friends telling me I can do it, I’m smart & talented and I will get it! I put on my best smiley face and can do attitude and interviewed. So last Friday I was elated! I had done what many here in Florida are having a VERY hard time doing….getting a JOB! This week I started on Wednesday and so far it seems wonderful. A small IT company that’s been in business for 8 years. The owner is just this positive, nice man that is genuinely excited about what he does. It’s very refreshing! So here I go….learning what I can to do a great job and be his brilliant Administrative Assistant. It has me excited! (I just had to edit the paragraph and delete my over-use of exclamation points. LOL)

This week I think the number one thing that has me happy is the job. All else could be black and dismal and I would still have a grin from ear to ear.

The office is so nice that this is my view from the BATHROOM!

Bathroom of Wow!

My friends make me really happy! They offer such good advice and positive lifting words when things get tough. I am very thankful for them! Sherry, Jes, Heather, Stephanie, Kelly, Violet, Sarah thank you all!

Me and one of my besties....Sherry!

Quick Mentions

* King Fantastic – his music is making me move * Waldo trip with Heather * Just Dance on Wii – Can you say Spice Girls * Get togethers – Fall Birthday parties * the Amy’s singing me Celebration! * Chris & Chad buying me congratulatory rounds at the bar. * Sunday funday or how we spent our hangover…right Steph? * jamming to Ghostland Observatory & Die Anterwoord * bumble bee puppy costumes!