Baubles: Using what we have for Halloween

We spent $5 on both costumes.  We went this year as The Wolfman (1941) characters.  Terrell was The Wolfman and I was the gypsy Maleva.  The only thing we sprung for was the Werewolf kit that had teeth, makeup(that we didn’t use…) and liquid latex and fur.  It was fun, no one really knew the characters, but it didn’t matter.  Our outfits were detailed enough that Werewolf and Gypsy were immediately known.  Good enough.  🙂

As a kid, Mom always made our costumes or it was something that took very few dollars to put together.  My Brother and I never felt shorted and our costumes were always fun.  I was a witch, a gypsy, Cyndi Lauper, a vampire and other easily pieced together outfits.  It brought our creativity to the table.  I think my husband was a little impressed with my wolf face painting skills.  No need to use the oil paint that would itch and be on everything, I pulled out brown and black eye shadows and bronzer for base, along with eyeliners.  He was complemented on his face all night long.  A little fur on his hands and some old pointy ears I had from an outfit 4 years ago and he was set.  I’ll post a better picture later this week but for now….iphone quick capture!


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