Things That Make My Heart Flutter – 8/13/09

Random Bits of Happy

Five Points First Friday via Birdie's Flickr
Five Points First Friday via Birdie’s Flickr

* Riverside: My favorite part of town!  Last Friday was full of First Friday fun.  The cupcakes, the cocktails, the friends.  It was jam packed and we had a great time!

Tarot Spread read by Jake via Terrell's camera
Tarot Spread read by Jake via Terrell’s camera

*Tarot card reading that are so spot on that you get chills.  Jake can make your toes curl with his readings and his reading this week made my jaw drop.  This guy doesn’t know me….yet he just read me like a book.

My cousins on the carousel
My cousins on the carousel via my flickr page

* My husband and family having a moment riding the carousel.  Dinner in St. Augustine, a stroll up St. George Street and then most of us got on the carousel and acted like children again (there were only 2 REAL children present!).  The manic energy that you get being around my family, they are some positive and happy souls and I love them and wish they lived closer.

Holding Hands via my flickr

* Midnight rides up the coast with the windows down, the beach breeze blowing in, stars twice as visible as they are in the city, college radio playing indie rock and my husband reaching out in the dark for my hand while he talks in depth about our life.  My heart flutters and then melts, he is mine.  ❤


The stuff that doesn’t fit under the other 3 categories….Pagan life included.

Join me in a chance to win the coolest Tarot cards. Mrs. B is giving away a deck of Housewife Tarot cards. Just go here to join me in entering!

And if you haven’t seen the deck here’s a peak:

I think the copy of the card has the color changed so you can’t copy the deck off their site, the colors look like the 1st picture.  How cute is this deck?  I love it!