Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits Of  Happy


“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.”

Kurt Vonnegut

* Cemeteries.  I visited 2 cemeteries last weekend and had completely different experiences.  Friday night for our Anniversary, Terrell and I went to St. Augustine for a fancy dinner and decided to walk it off down St. George Street (it’s an old street in downtown St. Aug. that is closed off for foot traffic only, a tourist trap basically but has some really cool stores nonetheless) to end up at Hugenot Cemetery at about 8:45 pm.  We listened to some of the stories being told by the ghost tour guides and took photos of the cemetery at night and I had a light that appeared in my camera but not my husband’s!  We tried to be logical about it but none of the lights around us including the moon seemed to be causing the light and I saw it in 3 different areas.  It really was cool and I’m happy to hear what you think about it.  You can see the pictures here.  Also Saturday on Halloween during the day we went to a nearby cemetery that is rather old (and still accessible, Hugenot doesn’t allow you in the grounds unsupervised) and walked around reading the tombstones out loud to one another.  I took grave rubbings of the interesting ones, 1883 “Little Carrie” “Shall We Meet”, a really strange cat on a family stone, and some Masonic symbols on another.  It was a peaceful gorgeous day and it was nice without the noise and without any strange experiences unlike those from the night before.

* Walking on the beach at night.  Terrell and decided to drive up the coast to return home that same Friday night.  A1A was bright from the moonlight and we couldn’t help but find a spot to park so we could roll our jeans and go walk in the sand.  The moon and stars were so very bright.  We held each other tight and wiggled our toes in the sand.  It ended our night in such a beautiful way.  Terrell saw a shooting star.  Perfect.

*  Pagan podcasting.  I finally remembered to go find my favorite podcasters.  Without my laptop I have been a little lost and can’t wait until we have money again to purchase a new laptop.  I think it will be before the end of November, but regardless I used my Mother’s laptop to find out that Darkly Fey had decided to change things up a little and start off fresh with a more positive podcast name and using her real name for hosting.  So I have spent today catching up on Feithline Stuart and her SpiritsCast podcast and of course on Mojo & Sparrow with The Wigglian Way.  My work day has flown by listening to their podcasts that have little music breaks in the middle. 

 Quick Mentions:

* Practical Magic – I can watch that movie a hundred times and it never grows old.  * Sleeping with the window open, it makes you wake up all cold and cuddly.  * Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill * Leftover Halloween candy!  *Cool weather.  *Making lists for traveling.  * Getting ready to see family I haven’t seen in a while.  *Family Weddings.  *So You Think You Can Dance.  *Vanilla Noir by Bath and Body Works, it’s the perfect fall scent.  * Scarves to keep my neck warm.   * Crashing a Halloween party with a most awesome friend and meeting new friends at that party!  * Hamsa necklace with the prettiest irredescent stone to ward off the evil eye! *The photos I keep seeing in my re-found tumblr account

What has made your heart flutter this week?

Butterlies: My current influences

I think these are pretty self explanatory, as always butterflies influence my everyday.  I have an old skeleton key obsession and have a mini collection.  Books are always with and around me, currently scifi, vampires and pagan books are at the top of my stacks.  Tarot cards are back in my life.  I was using my oracle cards but am getting the bigger picture with my tarot.  Candles, daisies and crystals are just pretty and make me feel happy so I have actually been wearing a clear quartz crystal that my Aunt gave me years ago.  She has always been my Pagan connection, she gave me the crystals, the palmistry books, read my tarot at the age of 13.  I had put the crystal away when I moved and found it opening a box, it makes me smile and was a happy rediscovery.  Daisies and fern scented candles are in my life right now.  The fern scented soy candles surrounding the vase of daisies….well it’s just summer!  Fresh herbs, well I let them burn up but I do love them.  I neglect them but I adore them and buy them every year.  Last year was the most successful year.  This year my head wants to be in the plants but is in the clouds instead…looking at those big full moons!  Cottages are part of my current dreams and an obsession.  I dream about a cottage by a stream.  I have yet to look it up in a dream book.  I wake up and google search cottages.  The ecclectic nature of a whitewashed room with books and candles and vases of wild flowers with crazy quilts over wrought iron beds and sheer curtains with tin roofs and herb gardens, stepping stones with moss surrounding them and ferns in the nooks and crannys in the shade of the yard.  It is an escape I am guessing since the stress of looking for a job just keeps on coming at me.  I dream of simple, quiet life outside of the crazy of  jobs, cars, and bills.

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Me & TC

Reflection of Our Love - Me & TC

*This week has been a frustrating week for job searching.  All week long only finding one job to apply for a day in this horrid economy is not acceptable.  I set myself a goal of 3 a day so 1 a day was just suck!  Today I found TWO jobs and one of them I am very very excited about.  I have my fingers crossed and prayers said.

*This week also had me getting a medical diagnosis, which while not fabulous, it’s easily fixed with medication and I should see results soon and start feeling much better.  That is so hopeful for me and makes me giddy.  I know I won’t see results right away but I can’t wait!


*Craft night was such fun.  We made reusable sandwich bags and mine is really cute with strawberries & butterflies in pink & purple.  Plus I found a little button pink button with bling.  So me it isn’t even funny!  Now to plan another picnic! Really once I have a job (I know right!) it will be very useful.

*So You Think You Can Dance! is so much fun. I LOVE love love Kupono with his new dance partner Kayla.  They are so fantastic!  This week they danced to coreographer Sonya who’s style is SO dark and so beautiful.  I love girls with mohawks.  Girl crush…BIG TIME! The music pick was great, Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (hello itunes!) This week the dance had a story and they were vampires.  Speaking of vampires…True Blood is sexy hot. I am loving that show as well.


*A reconnection to my Paganism.  I grew up disconnected from religion.  My Father is Jewish and my Mother is Methodist and neither pushed their religion.  We always celebrated both religion’s holidays.  I tried reaching to the Christian religion and they tried to tell me my Father would go to hell.  I have a major problem there and it made me search.  I love my Pagan roots.  They tie me to both parents religious holidays as they all fall right around the same times as they ALL tie to the moon.  So I can happily celebrate all these lovely holidays for my own reasons.  Nature based religion is so me.  My husband and I took a picnic to a local park that has an OLD house and the picture at the top of the page is from that.  I needed to be out in the dirt.  I needed to feel the trees and hear the water lapping the shore.  It reconnected me in a way that made be realize how much I love our Goddess Gaia.  Full Moon is on July 7th and I look forward to the full moon!