Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy


  * My 9 year wedding anniversary was yesterday and I got cards and flowers and a beautiful necklace and lots and lots of love from my honey.  I know I’m very lucky and very loved but I still loved the extra attention.  Husband gets an A++ for effort on all special occasions.  He knows how to make me feel like a Goddess. 

Whitelake Actors


* Halloween!  How can you not like the holiday that lets you dress up like goblins and faeries?  In fact I’ve had past halloweens as faeries,  zombies and gypsies.  I love it.  Even today with work not having dress up I wore a set of silver horns I bought at a Ren Fest years back.  Little devil horns make my outfit pop!  😉



* My rediscover of oh how did I forget such treasure that produce such great and magical finds!  Tumblr is making me feel the magic again with friends like SuninScorpio, HighMagic, and WitchMountain.  With posts like theirs I can’t help but be motivated to make and find my own magic

Quick Mentions:

*Dinner with my husband when we get into deep conversations *Bookclub book that is uber intriguing *reconnecting with twitter friends *having someone to take care of me when I drink too much (rum puch = bad idea) *walks in graveyards *tombstone rubbings *jack-o-lanterns *getting ready for a family wedding *plans for travel *knitting hats and scarves for upcoming winter *Mirah – The Garden *My Vampire playlist on my ipod




Butterlies: My current influences

I think these are pretty self explanatory, as always butterflies influence my everyday.  I have an old skeleton key obsession and have a mini collection.  Books are always with and around me, currently scifi, vampires and pagan books are at the top of my stacks.  Tarot cards are back in my life.  I was using my oracle cards but am getting the bigger picture with my tarot.  Candles, daisies and crystals are just pretty and make me feel happy so I have actually been wearing a clear quartz crystal that my Aunt gave me years ago.  She has always been my Pagan connection, she gave me the crystals, the palmistry books, read my tarot at the age of 13.  I had put the crystal away when I moved and found it opening a box, it makes me smile and was a happy rediscovery.  Daisies and fern scented candles are in my life right now.  The fern scented soy candles surrounding the vase of daisies….well it’s just summer!  Fresh herbs, well I let them burn up but I do love them.  I neglect them but I adore them and buy them every year.  Last year was the most successful year.  This year my head wants to be in the plants but is in the clouds instead…looking at those big full moons!  Cottages are part of my current dreams and an obsession.  I dream about a cottage by a stream.  I have yet to look it up in a dream book.  I wake up and google search cottages.  The ecclectic nature of a whitewashed room with books and candles and vases of wild flowers with crazy quilts over wrought iron beds and sheer curtains with tin roofs and herb gardens, stepping stones with moss surrounding them and ferns in the nooks and crannys in the shade of the yard.  It is an escape I am guessing since the stress of looking for a job just keeps on coming at me.  I dream of simple, quiet life outside of the crazy of  jobs, cars, and bills.