Butterflies:Picture update

The weekend we got Honey, Terrell and I drove up the coast and spent the day in little beach towns on our way to a friend’s birthday party (she lives in St. Mary’s GA near the Navy Base since her husband is on a submarine)

Stairway in downtown Amelia Island

Weird little Shrimps are painted all over town

We had lunch at a Cafe on the water and couldn't pass up the goofy photo op on the dock!

If I showed his, I have to show mine....thus....my goofy photo!

That same night we brought Honey home....

The next Saturday we took Honey to her first concert...Rickolus had a free CD release show.

Here’s a video of Rickolus…he’s got a great Indie Rock sound and he’s from Jacksonville.  We enjoy hearing him play and watching his music gain popularity over the past few years.

Then the weekend after that there was ANOTHER free concert at Zombie Bikes, Astronautalis was in town and had a concert in the Freeebird RV that he and friend Blubird are touring in.  It was a strange show, we’ve seen him 3 times prior to this show and this was by far the strangest.  It was BYOB or $5 to drink from the keg.  We brought our own and danced and sweated our butts off in the parking lot.  It was a great night.

Also Astronautalis is a great performer with his music being a mix between Hip Hop & sort of Shoegazer Rock.  He’s hard to explain, I’ve used the term Intelligent Hip Hop before, I mean who else have you heard sing an amazing song about the Battle of Trenton?  He was opening last year for Tegan & Sara and is gaining more fans every time we see him.  I love that he’s from here because he plays here just about every return trip home!

The RV

Astronautalis mid song from inside the RV

….and there you go….an update of the past month and a week in pictures.  I wasn’t very good at picture taking.  I usually take many more in that time frame.  I will be trying to improve on that and have many more interesting pictures than what I currently see….which is a metric ton of puppy pictures.  🙂

Beats & Books

Yes, there wasn’t a music post this week (or last week I think too) and book reviews haven’t been completed yet either.  Reason being is that I haven’t come across anything new that has inspired me and for books I am caught up in a series by J.R. Ward and it’s lovely vampire gothic erotica but I doubt anyone is very intersted in reviews on what is basically a romance novel.  All I can say is if you want a book series to get you hot and bothered then J.R. Ward is your lady.  I think I am on book 7 or 8…I lost count but It’s called Lover Enshrined and it’s great.  I know my husband loves it when I put down the book and jump on top of him to bite his neck and take him.  He doesn’t mind the effects of the books! LOL.

So music!  Songs that are inspiring me right now are a little dark and gothy
Mirah – The Garden

Also Apocalyptica featuring Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace – I Don’t Care (they don’t allow me to embed, so click through for their lovely song). I REALLY dig how they “play” the women like Cellos. Hot!

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

Kristin Hersch – Me & My Charms