Buttons: Obsessive Links

So I get obsessive over the internet.  I find a site I like or find a subject matter and will obsess over it for years to come.  I have many websites that I do this with and just thought it might help to add a category that allows me to share with you!

* Gala Darling is MAJOR obsession, her pink hair, positive attitude and links galore, she is probably the main place I find all my own obsessive links as she has one day a week she post links and there are usually one or two that catch my eye.  But she ALWAYS catches my eye!

* Love your house or apartment but think it needs that little touch to make it seem more like you?  I love the posts on Apartment Therapy.  I scan through the apartment side and then jump over to re-nest (the recycling portion of the site) and then unplggd (the nerdy gadget side of things) the other 2 parts of the site are equally interesting but I usually check out those 3 first before heading over to the kids site – ohdeedoh and the kitchen site – kitchn.  I love when they show cottages and nook and cranny houses that have made space where there isn’t space, for some reason those spaces call to me!

*16 year old Jane has a shoe obsession that tops all.  I enjoy her blog Sea of Shoes:  fashion posts of quirky style and her slow accent to fame.  After all who else can say they have been featured in Teen Vouge and had an article written about her and her Mother’s similar fashion in the adult Vogue coming out THIS month!  She amazes me!

* Haute Macabre is my gothy/emo teen years taken to a higher fashion level.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the everything on this site.  The dark make-up the chunky heels that are now Givenchy’s and not Hot Topics, the outfits that are dark and broody but could still work as work friendly and the over the top that I just adore to look at. 

*The flickr group Magic is as Magic Does because well….just read their group description:   You know those moments in life that make your heart seize up, that make you say “Wow, my life is amazing and magical and I am so so blessed to be here in this moment now?”  This flickr group is to remind us of those tiny moments and share them with others. Vignettes, tea parties, waterfalls, tidepools, a cozy corner of your home, a visit to your friend’s wonderful house – if you experienced it, please add it here!  Psst: I have posted a few of my own flickr pictures to this group.  I love what I find here and they have inspired me to find and make my own magic!

I think this can hook you up for a while….I have many more though.  My Bookmark list is jam packed full so stay tuned for more next week.

New Category posts

I’m going to expand out since my beats and books categories aren’t being posted to as often as I’d like.  Life has just thrown a little curve and my book reading has declined a little (although I do have a book that I will be posting soon….just not every two weeks like I wanted) and music is sort of letting me down right now and I am not as inspired to write about any of the new music I have gotten.  So….

Welcome new categories:

Buttons – these are links I’ll post.  Fun links or new obsessions.

Blessed Be – I just feel that the Pagan stuff doesn’t fall under the Butterflies category too well and I want to write more about it and the more I write about it the less I feel it belongs with nature-y stuff.  So I’m splitting it up a little and Butterflies will be only about butterflies and nature-y stuff.