Butterflies: A Happy Moment

I am still here!  The joblessness in a state that has a 12% unemployment rate has just got me a little down and out.  Trying new things to bring up my mood a bit.  Until then, here is a favorite picture I took this weekend.  My man surfing, I was walking the beach, taking pictures and reading my book club’s current wonderful selection “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” on a blanket under a beach umbrella.  Pretty much a perfect day.  The Vitamin D did my mood wonders!

T catching a wave in!

Oh and just because….a closer look….


I feel better now that I posted SOMETHING!  How are you doing?  I hope you haven’t given up on my blog….I will return full on soon I am sure.  I am feeling better, even if I am still looking for that  j.o.b.

Butterflies: Join me in joining Gala…

Radical Self Love

One of my favorite bloggers Miss Gala Darling is celebrating Radical Self Love for the entire month of February.  Watch her sweet video below for her “homework” and to find out what it’s all about click on the button on the right side of my blog.

I have a journal ready with blue butterflies and am busy thinking up my invocation for myself as well as trying to decide if I will use hearts or if I should stick with butterflies.  I have plenty of pictures, stickers, totems of both including a handful of sparkley heart & butterfly necklaces and rings so I can keep myself reminded of the project throughout the month.

As a plus size gal I embrace my curves and think I wear them well.  I of course would like to be smaller and am trying to work through the problems I have.  Some medical issues have finally surfaced and with new medication this may be a tiny bit easier for me.  Until then I think I do my best to accept what I am and do my best to make myself a healthier me.  My battle with myself lately has been exercise.  I talk myself out of it all the time and it’s self sabotage.  My goal this month is to be stronger with myself and exercise.  I will continue to keep my head on straight though and will love the body I have now.  It helps that my husband is good at making me feel sexy and beautiful.  I think he is why I am able to be so positive about my body image.

Here are a few more videos that I think keep the positive vibes of Radical Self Love.  Music is the soundtrack to our lives and keeps our souls light.  John Halcyon Styn holds Hugnation every Tuesday and it is an expression of Self Love and also a great way to pull positive vibes to yourself and push away the negative.  I always feel lighter and happier after watching and participating in his live sessions.

I can’t listen to this without sashaying about a room and singing along.  Body Beautiful!  I am the ocean and I rule the world, I’m sensual, I am Body….I am Grand, Grand Diva, I am the Queen, Queen Diva.  I love this song.

HUGNATION!  Love More, Fear Less!

How can you not want to shake your tush when this angel is singing and dancing with you!

Now come on, grab a journal and join me in joining Gala and lets give a little Radical Self Love!

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy


photograph by Mikey Da Photographer

 * I don’t get very many comments on my blog but continue to see the stats rise, so that keeps me going.  This past week after my Things That Make My Heart Flutter post, I got the sweetest comment that I inspired someone to start a weekly list of positive things!  This one little comment made me toe curling, float on air happy!  Thank you for your comments, they make me grin from ear to ear.  I enjoy the ones I get and try to reply to anyone that comments.  ❤  

Photograph by Me!

* Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was this week.  It’s only the 2nd show and they are having them here in Jacksonville at The Sinclair on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  The atmosphere as described by UJ Coloumnist Audrey Keith, ” is bawdy, friendly, and just plain fun. Imagine an artsy Cheers with more engaging and exotic characters, and a burlesque beauty at the center of it all.”  We enjoyed ourselves, enjoyed our hosts and most importantly we enjoyed the “lubrication” to get the drawing going….the lubrication is the host’s wonderful word for sake shots on the house.  We never mind fun like this, and don’t worry about your drawing skills, it’s more about the fun than the skill!  Hope to see Jacksonville people there next month!

Quick Mentions:

* Pizza Party birthdays for adults! * Haus of Gloi orders that smell like heaven, arrive early, have little extras and make you feel like silk! * Thrift shopping and hitting pay dirt with original tags still on clothes. * Bat For Lashes – Sleep Alone * Cold weather snuggles that end in cold weather lovins’.  * “I like your jeans.” “Wanna try them on?” “…0_O maybe next time?” *Secret Speakeasy openings with instructions to text for entry….shhhh!  * Hour long Skyping with friends too far away.  *Hearing risky stories about hot tub shenanigans.  *Ladytron – Beauty #2  * My always inspiration is Miss Gala Darling, she posted about her 2010 style direction and called it Psychedelic Ladies Who Lunch and described some of it as “Feathers & crystals worn with sequins” which oddly enough I already do! and DID on New Year Eve!  I feel you Miss Bunny Darling…I do!  *Jacksonville people are getting the best mild weather today…let’s enjoy it, go outside!

Tell me what made your toes curl in delight this week!