Buttons: Shake the Blues Away!

I am noticing that everyone around me has a little case of the blues.  It’s been much colder than it normally is for a Florida winter.  We’ve been inside trying to stay warm.  It’s warmed up a bit and it seems like we all need that extra push.  Here are some buttons to click through to give you that little push you need.


You can’t watch this video and NOT smile!

* The lovely and inspirational Miss Sarah Von wrote this: The Prescription for Happy forgive me for saying so, but you’ll be happy you read it!

photograph by NEGS26

* Throw an indoor picnic!  Invite a few friends over make finger sandwiches, lay out a blanket, have little nibbly things and talk by a sun filled window or if it’s a gray day light a fire in the fireplace and bask in the warmth with friends.

*Do a little bit of shopping.  Lift your spirits with a new dress that you can pair with tights and a sweater now but come spring time you have a flirty little frock.  Mod Cloth is having a cabin fever sale!  Here’s a cute dress, move fast the items are selling out quickly.

* Chocolate in moderation!  When we were having our coldest weeks ever it was time for my book club to meet.  We always bring food but with people dieting I was at a loss of what to bring.  Then it hit me.  I picked up some Skim Milk, some expensive hot cocoa mix, and fat free whipped topping.  Smiles on everyone’s face!

* Dance!  This is the best time to throw on some super indulgent pop music such as….oh I don’t know Lady Gaga, turn up the heat a little, put on ruffle panties a tank top, a moisturizing face mask and dance your butt off until the mask is dry and ready to come off.  While your at it rub on some body butter all over all this dry heat from our heating units is terrible for the skin!

* Have you done all of these things and more and are still feeling blue?  You might have actual seasonal depression.  Health.com has some important information and 8 mood boosters. Remember that it’s always ok to talk it over with your Doctor, winter blues are real, and sometimes the Doctor has the best information.

Keep Warm, Stay Happy and share if you have something special that you do to chase away the blues!

Best walk down the isle ever!

So full of joy and happiness, this is how it should be! It was a party from the very beginning! It’s worth watching this all the way through!

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Me & TC

Reflection of Our Love - Me & TC

*This week has been a frustrating week for job searching.  All week long only finding one job to apply for a day in this horrid economy is not acceptable.  I set myself a goal of 3 a day so 1 a day was just suck!  Today I found TWO jobs and one of them I am very very excited about.  I have my fingers crossed and prayers said.

*This week also had me getting a medical diagnosis, which while not fabulous, it’s easily fixed with medication and I should see results soon and start feeling much better.  That is so hopeful for me and makes me giddy.  I know I won’t see results right away but I can’t wait!


*Craft night was such fun.  We made reusable sandwich bags and mine is really cute with strawberries & butterflies in pink & purple.  Plus I found a little button pink button with bling.  So me it isn’t even funny!  Now to plan another picnic! Really once I have a job (I know right!) it will be very useful.

*So You Think You Can Dance! is so much fun. I LOVE love love Kupono with his new dance partner Kayla.  They are so fantastic!  This week they danced to coreographer Sonya who’s style is SO dark and so beautiful.  I love girls with mohawks.  Girl crush…BIG TIME! The music pick was great, Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (hello itunes!) This week the dance had a story and they were vampires.  Speaking of vampires…True Blood is sexy hot. I am loving that show as well.


*A reconnection to my Paganism.  I grew up disconnected from religion.  My Father is Jewish and my Mother is Methodist and neither pushed their religion.  We always celebrated both religion’s holidays.  I tried reaching to the Christian religion and they tried to tell me my Father would go to hell.  I have a major problem there and it made me search.  I love my Pagan roots.  They tie me to both parents religious holidays as they all fall right around the same times as they ALL tie to the moon.  So I can happily celebrate all these lovely holidays for my own reasons.  Nature based religion is so me.  My husband and I took a picnic to a local park that has an OLD house and the picture at the top of the page is from that.  I needed to be out in the dirt.  I needed to feel the trees and hear the water lapping the shore.  It reconnected me in a way that made be realize how much I love our Goddess Gaia.  Full Moon is on July 7th and I look forward to the full moon!



Röyksopp – Junior

Norway’s Royksopp released their 3rd album Junior back on March 24th. I am still listening to the songs and picking out favorites.

The twosome added female vocalists/collaborators including Swedish superstar Robyn, Lykke Li, Karim Dreijer (The Knife!!! Hullo~I love them!) as well as fellow Norwegian Annell Drecker.

This album is everything I love about electronica, it is upbeat with strong vocals and thumping bass lines that make you want to move!

I love the songs “The Girl and The Robot” and “Tricky Tricky”. I keep going back to these songs and find myself playing them over and over. They remind me of the old Raver Anthems that make me want to pull out my glow sticks and run go find flyers for circuit parties…but I’ve grown out of that…no really I have! 😉

I give this album 4 1/2 out of 5 butterflies for making me want to dance around the house reminicing my old raver days.

B4 you go…xoxo,