Books: Reading, Have Read, To Be Read

One of my new favorite bloggers Kim from Mermaid in a Manhole has made a few blog posts about books that I love, I am snagging her idea a bit and morphing it into one post.


* The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho  – Deep book, I keep picking it up and sitting it down.  It’s good but heavy in spirituality.  Not my norm when it comes to reading.

* Born of Fire – Sherrilyn Kenyon – I’m mere pages from the end…I will finish it today.  I needed a quick & dirty book….I can eat up a Sci-Fi/Romance crossover in days….I started this one Sunday afternoon to sort of clear my mind!

* Stich N Bitch Nation – by Debbie Stoller – I’m not sure if I’m ready to try to follow a pattern yet, still a newbie at this…but dang this book makes me want to try.

Have Read: These are the books that I love, there are many I started and didn’t finish, or got to the end and couldn’t believe I wasted my time.

* Harry Potter series – by J.K. Rowling

* Twilight series – by Stephenie Meyer

* Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series – by Charlaine Harris

* Black Dagger Brotherhood series – by J.R. Ward (all except last, Lover Avenged, it’s sitting in my stack of to be reads!)

* Lovely Bones – by Alice Sebold

* The Time Traveller’s Wife , Her Fearful Symmetry – by Audrey Niffenger

* Mockingbird – by Sean Stewart

* Gargoyle – by Adam Davidson

Neverwhere , Stardust, American Gods – by Neil Gaiman

* Liquor , Lost Souls – Poppy Z. Brite

* Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat BooksNecklace of Kisses, Echo, The Hanged Man, Wasteland – by Francesca Lia Block

* Wicked Lovely , Ink Exchange – by Melissa Marr

* Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen – by Sarah Addison Allen

* The Book of Bright Ideas – Sandra Kring

* Chocolat – by Joanne Harris

* The Great Gatsby – by F. Scott Fitzgerald

* Catcher In The Rye, Franny & Zooey – J. D. Salinger

* Sellevison , Running With Scissors, Dry: A Memoir, Possible Side Effects, Magical Thinking: True Stories – by Augusten Burroughs

* A Million Little Pieces – by James Frey

* She’s Come Undone – by Wally Lamb

* White Oleander – Janet Fitch

* Practical Magic – by Alice Hoffman

* The Fever series – by Karen Marie Moning

* Slapstick – Kurt Vonnegut

* A Seperate Peace – by John Knowles

* Alas Babylon – Pat Frank

To Be Read:

* The Big Ass Book of Crafts – by Mark Montano

* The Rose Labyrinth – by Titania Hardie

* Anansi Boys – by Neil Gaiman

* Women of the Night – edited/compiled by Martin H. Greenberg    (this is a collection of short vampire stories by different authors incl. Neil Gaiman! I’ve read about 2 stories I want to read them all)

* Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things – Richard Calder

* Faerie Wars – Herbie Brennan

* Sense and Sensibility – by Jane Austen

* Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt Vonnegut (This is currently on my husband’s bedside table since I thought he’d like Vonnegut I bought this for him.  I was told it was a good place to start with his books, although I started with another.  I am looking forward to reading it after him)

*Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess (My husband came into our relationship owning this book.  He has always said it was a good read and once or twice I tried to pick it up and never got around to reading it.)

Of course I also have a Melting Pot Book Club book each month so I think my list is pretty hefty.  I also think a few of the series books I read might have new ones out.  We’ll see how long I stay on this list or stray.  I will try to update you to my progress.  🙂

As you can see I am heavy on the fantasy, vampire, goth and southern magic fiction.  Please feel free to suggest a book!

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

*I’ve been pulling and reading about my Natal chart.  I am finding the information fascinating.  I’ve done this before but never gone through with the research of what it all means.  I do believe the planets affect our daily lives, the pulls as they move through the Universe, how could they NOT affect us?  If you are also interested there are many sites that offer free charts, or you can go here as I think Cafe Astrology has a great breakdown.  I also love to learn more about the signs by reading Mystic Medusa‘s blog on a daily basis.  She gives the most insite into people’s actions and their signs.  I love it!

*During cold weather there is nothing I love more than loads of pillows and my fluffy down comforter!  I love to pull the covers up to right under my arms, have a cup of hot tea or cocoa on the bedside table and have stacks of magazines, a good book or a girlie movie ready for me to devour.  This is my idea of a perfect Sunday.  If I am reading then I also like to have the radio on (XM Sirus) on the Chill Electronica station or New Age station.  These channels set the calm mood of the day and with lit candles it’s all about sinking into the indulgence of a weekend!

*Revisiting pages from books that I loved last year!  I had a wire storage unit that was fairly deep and 3 crates high full of books and it collapsed.  The plastic pieces that held the storage crates together literally snapped from the weight of all the books I had on the shelves.  It’s time to look for a real bookcase that will fit in the small corner….but until then I made due with some storage that can properly hold the weight of all the books and sorted through all my books from the past few years.  I also went through and tried to pick books to take to consignment.  Such a hard task for a book lover but I did manage to get a stack of about 15 books that I will be taking up to Black Sheep, a nearby consignment book shop.  While going through my stacks I found the book Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, a book about a love that spans through many reincarnations and always ends with one half of the couple badly burned by fire.  The story is heartbreaking, lovely and actually tells about 5 or 6 seperate love stories that all are the same two souls finding each other over and over again.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it (warning: not for faint of heart, I chose this book for my book club last year and some of the women had a REALLY hard time reading about the burns.  I only mentioned it because the scenes are pretty graphic, but the love makes up for it all). 

Quick Mentions:

*The Alchemist, I’m enjoying the heck out of this read currently.  * A new pink 2010 planner for my purse/desk it makes me happy just seeing it.  * New music that I snagged after reading 2009 best of lists for best albums and not knowing of the band.  There were a few really great ones I missed (Girls, White Denim, Phoenix….all equally for of win!).  *Boots over jeans. *Photo shoots thought out for really cool outfits…I love layering clothes. *The video for Paramore – Brick by Boring Brick it’s a fairytale set to music full of butterflies and fairies!  I love it!

What wonderful thing is making you smile from the top of your head to the tips of your toes?

Blessed Be: Llewellyn & Bibliomancy

I visit Llewellyn‘s website pretty much weekly.  I love seeing what’s on sale, looking at tarot cards and I love reading the blog (I mean how else would I have found out about this creepy cloud in Moscow?) and of course I love checking out the free spell a day which isn’t always a “spell” per say, but sometimes something very cool like today’s on Bibliomancy:

Bibliomancy can be defined as “divination by means of a book.” This type of divinatory magic can be performed anytime, and it’s a fun way to receive spiritual messages from our immediate reality. You can even do this right now, with this book, if you wish! Either think about something that you want to gain insight about or approach the divination ready to receive whatever message the universe wants to deliver. Have on hand a sharp needle or pin. After meditating, hold the pin up high, open the book at random, and stab the pin into the pages. Afterward, write down the words (on both the front and back of each page) that the needle stabbed through. This will form a random string of words that can be interpreted by the divinator. Look for the messages being delivered; they’re not always easy to see but are profound once they are recognized!

I am looking forward to trying this today.  I think I have just the book to use too as it is a lovely work of fiction that has great meaning to me.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  😉

Books: New reviews on their way

i am in the midst of an exciting reading frenzy!  A non-fiction gripping story about a serial killer in Italy and a fiction about a two sisters that are left a house when a long lost Aunt passes…the catch is that they have to move into it for a year before they can sell it.  They move from Chicago to London and move into a house that sits overlooking a cemetary of famous deceased and learn there’s a lot more to the house than thought.

See why I am excited!  I haven’t even gotten to the fiction book because the non-fiction is SO good!  I almost forgot to mention that the fiction is written by Audrey Niffenegger the same genius author behind The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Here are the links if you would like to follow along.

The Monster of Florence - by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi

The Monster of Florence - by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi

Her Fearful Symmetry

Her Fearful Symmetry

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Via Templar1307's flick

Via Templar1307's flickr page

* My family had a big Rosh Hashanah dinner last Sunday and I always love that the Jewish holidays coincide so nicely with my Pagan ones.  Also the fact that the food in the feast is so neatly tied together.  I say my own little prayer in my head along with theirs and I have my family and my own personal holiday all rolled up into one.  It’s so wonderful.  Rosh Hashanah is the celebration of the New Year going by the Jewish calendar which represents either analogically or literally the creation of the World, or Universe.   So it is now the year 5770 on the Jewish calendar.   As my Father says “Leshana Tova Tikoseiv Vesichoseim” or “May you immediately be inscribed and sealed in the books for a Good Year & a Good & Peaceful Life” , which I think is both pretty to say and nice tell someone!MH

*Even though in Florida we usually don’t start having Fall weather until late Oct. early Nov.  I still keep hope and get all excited about pulling out cold weather clothes and boots pulling out my heavy scented candles…I do love fall so much and I love the smells and the crisp air, it’s all so lovely.  I found a new candle that has me excited.  Yankee Candle has a Harvest Moon scent that seems like it’s two of my favorite scents combined Pumpkin & Spices with crisp Autumn Air.  I’ll be picking one up sometime soon and will let you know what I think. 

via Lochaven's flickr page

via Lochaven's flickr page

* I got the last book currently in a series I’ve been reading and cannot wait to break open the book and start reading.  I love new books.  Heck, love any book!  I love wandering down the narrow isles of my favorite used bookstore (they also have new titles as well….)!

Quick mentions: Hubby pumping me full of good vitamins and complaining, but then not getting sick when the rest of the family came down with the flu; butterflies that float past my work window;  new music on my ipod that takes me through the whole day;   slight cooling of our FL heat…from the 90’s down to mid 80’s, it’s a nice change;   pressing my face against my husbands cool back, he immediately scoots closer and eventually turns over to spoon me even if he’s sleeping;  She Wants Revenge in concert;  organic burritos with spicy homemade salsa; york pepermint patties that fall from the vending machine on accident (co-worker mishap but I ❤ them so he gave them to me!). 

Books: A Review


Mockingbird by Sean Stewart was referred via a blog entry by the ever magical Verhext and the book was a perfect summer endding read.  The story is about a woman who’s Mother has passed and has left to her visits from her Mother’s personal Gods.  Taking place in Houston, TX this tale is  magical realism revolving around prophecy, pregnancy and voodoo.  It was a wonderfully vivid read about having magic in your life, even unwanted magic that can tear apart or bring together a family in mysterious ways. 

While I am tempted to go read every Sean Stewart book out there, I am instead adding him to a list of authors I like and will return to him at a later date and will instead go back to the original blog entry and see what other gems I might find.  Verhext put together quite a reading list and while I love her blog I think I also love her reading habits and will poke about her entry until I discover another enchanted author.

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Cell Phone LOVE via Retro_Rae
Cell Phone LOVE via Retro_Rae

* Random text messages of LOVE!  I love it when my husband sends me messages that make my soul beam.   He knows just what to say and when to say it!

Me & Stormtroopers
Me & Stormtroopers

* Rollerderby with friends.  One of my girlfriends is on the team (GO DEATHSTAR!!!) and I love meeting up with friends to cheer her on and scream until I have no voice!  Of course it’s even better when she invites Stormtroopers to join us!

via U2005

via U2005

* The excitement before going to a concert!  We are taking tomorrow off to drive down to see Depeche Mode and the excitement I have over seeing one of my all time favorite bands is crazy!  I can’t wait to hear them live, I hear their show is no fluff, just them but the energy is unreal.  *squee*



* Books.  One of my favorite guilty pleasure authors came out with a new book in the series that I’ve been reading.  Karen Marie Moning and book number 4 – Dreamfever (The Fever Series) it’s romance but also mystery & sci-fi in the same book.  It’s about a girl that travels to Ireland to track down her sister’s murderer and ends up entangled in paranormal including ancient secrets, vampires, assorted Fae.  I devoured the book in just 3 days and wish the last book in the series was ready to be released!

Books: 45 Thoughts For My Daughter & My Virtual Daughters

I loved Francesca Lia Block in high school and still pick up her Pagan Fairytales that touch on social issues. This open letter inspires me!

forty-five thoughts for my daughter and my virtual daughters

By Francesca Lia Block.

i always believed if i had blond hair, pixie face
big breasts
everything would be all right
not realizing that culturally idolized beauty
is not only foolproof
but potentially dangerous

if you believe in your own unconventional beauty
when you are young
you will accomplish twice as much and suffer half so

turn off lightbulbs and light a candle

walk don’t drive

plant a tree

wear sunscreen

dancing is an antidepressant

kindness is the new status symbol

every day please try to eat something green
and something orange
that grow out of the ground

tell me how mad you are
that your father and i parted
i will always listen
though i can’t ever take away the pain

expectations are for what you yourself create

they rarely work when applied to others

turn off the television

tv is a depressant

yoga is an antidepressant

don’t feel guilty about wanting pretty things

they would not be so alluring
if you weren’t supposed to want them
just don’t value them over compassion

use your words even when you are a grown-up
and people no longer think it is entirely acceptable
when you say, that hurt my feelings

if you can digest chocolate eat it sometimes

same goes for ice cream
(i don’t really need to tell you those things do i?)

do your homework because it is part of the game but

don’t spend too much time worrying about grades

fall in love with someone kind who loves your body
and your mind

if you have a dream that won’t let you go, that
tickles your solar plexus, heed it

turn dark feelings into paintings or poetry
or dancing

music is a kind of food

if you are sad talk to a happy woman who loves you
it will always help

move your body when you are sad or angry

avoid the following:
genetically modified ingredients
sodium lauryl sulfate
mercury in certain fish
neurotic thoughts about food
(is that a contradiction?)

love your curls though they tangle
your pale skin though it can burn in the sun
your nose though it is broader than some
your sturdy legs and feet

forget barbie she does not possess imagination

remember you are a botticelli angel

the planet we live on is perfection

love her like a goddess

love yourself as her daughter

there is a planet full of different kinds of beauty

the idea that only one type of woman is beautiful
is blasphemy

of everything i brought to the world in these
forty-five years
you and your brother are by far the most astounding

because of this i will always love your father

matter never vanishes, only changes

remember that when someone you love dies

your round head on my breast when you were born
is the memory
i will keep with me when i leave this body

when i am gone i will still be near you

this is how i know: when you were born
it was not a meeting
but a reunion

Things that Make My Heart Flutter – July 17th

Random Bits of Happy

*Craft day with my friend on Monday was a lot of fun.  I ended up with 4 pieces and with a little practice I’ll have something I not only am proud to wear but maybe even proud to sell.  Searching for the bits and pieces we used was fun too!  I can’t wait to get another craft day in order!

*Most of the rest of the week I was fighting being sick but it caused me to slow down and just take a little me time break.  I feel much better and am glad I didn’t let the sick creep in all the way!

*Late night whispers of our future.  These talks have been my saving grace.  When things are bad and the job search is so rotten, it helps to lay in the dark with his arms around me and whisper out our future that WILL be better!



ruffle panties for us plus size girls, we like the sexy too!, music you forgot you had but is such a treat to your ears, and all it’s little rooms of awesome, Harry Potter is out and I can’t wait to see it, catching my girlfriend in Japan online the same time as me and getting to talk to her for an hour, finding amazing books at the library, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has a steampunk area!

Butterlies: My current influences

I think these are pretty self explanatory, as always butterflies influence my everyday.  I have an old skeleton key obsession and have a mini collection.  Books are always with and around me, currently scifi, vampires and pagan books are at the top of my stacks.  Tarot cards are back in my life.  I was using my oracle cards but am getting the bigger picture with my tarot.  Candles, daisies and crystals are just pretty and make me feel happy so I have actually been wearing a clear quartz crystal that my Aunt gave me years ago.  She has always been my Pagan connection, she gave me the crystals, the palmistry books, read my tarot at the age of 13.  I had put the crystal away when I moved and found it opening a box, it makes me smile and was a happy rediscovery.  Daisies and fern scented candles are in my life right now.  The fern scented soy candles surrounding the vase of daisies….well it’s just summer!  Fresh herbs, well I let them burn up but I do love them.  I neglect them but I adore them and buy them every year.  Last year was the most successful year.  This year my head wants to be in the plants but is in the clouds instead…looking at those big full moons!  Cottages are part of my current dreams and an obsession.  I dream about a cottage by a stream.  I have yet to look it up in a dream book.  I wake up and google search cottages.  The ecclectic nature of a whitewashed room with books and candles and vases of wild flowers with crazy quilts over wrought iron beds and sheer curtains with tin roofs and herb gardens, stepping stones with moss surrounding them and ferns in the nooks and crannys in the shade of the yard.  It is an escape I am guessing since the stress of looking for a job just keeps on coming at me.  I dream of simple, quiet life outside of the crazy of  jobs, cars, and bills.