Beats: The Pet Shop Boys!

I will always love their sound, I will always be a fan. And here they are again showing how relevant they still can be! Love it.

Pet Shop Boys – Together (Official Video) [HD],t=1,mt=video
Pet Shop Boys | Myspace Music Videos


I’ve got two new albums that I’m listening to that I just got this week.

Placebo – Battle For the Sun.


They don’t change their sound by much. It’s dark and broody and melodic. I like that “Julien” feels like it fit in with the last album Meds. The title track is a little too repetitive for my liking but I like the beat, it just feels like half a song was written for it so they repeat the same lines over and over. I think my favorite song is “Kings of Medicine” it has the right depth and darkness to the lyrics and the music has that touch of sorrow that makes me love their sound, it’s the last song on the album and leaves me wanting more. I would give it 3 1/2 out of 5 butterflies.

The other album I have been listening to is another favorite artist of mine that seems to be very hit or miss for me and I seem to like every other album.

Moby – Wait For Me.


Moby likes to experiment, and I love that about him. Sometimes he hits a homerun and othertimes he strikes out. His last album was disco and I scanned through the songs and skipped out on it big time. This new album he returned to the electronic new agey sounding vibe with the soulful gospil singing. He mixes it up like usual and some songs are just guest singers, some are duets with his raspy voice acting as back up and others are just him belting it out. It’s a mellow album that I would listen to while taking a bubble bath and I give it 4 out of 5 butterflies.

B4 you go…xoxo,