Beats: An old movie with a great soundtrack

A movie that I will watch over and over again is Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler.  The movie takes place in Italy.  The soundtrack is amazing:  Portishead, Mazzy Star, Liz Phair, Cocteau Twins, Hooverphonics, Hole.  It’s sweet and innocent with the pressure at 19 to lose innocence.  There is so much about the movie I love.  I can play it muted and the scenery is so pretty that it needs no sound, but also you can play it without seeing it and the music and dialogue is so strong you need visuals.

And I leave you with this poem she writes in the movie:

The dye is cast The dice are rolled I feel like shit you look like gold.

2009 Beats: Moved by Music

My 2009 Top 5 Albums    

I am pretty passionate about music, so is my husband for that matter.  We met at a club in 1996 dancing during Goth/Industrial night.  It has always been something we bond over.     

When I decided to create a blog with a purpose I knew music had to be one of the major subjects I covered along with my other major passions.     

So ending 2009 I want to leave you with my top 5 favorite albums.  3 out of the 5 I have already covered.  The other 2 albums were released earlier in the year before I started my blog and although the albums were on heavy rotation on my iPod, it just didn’t occur to me to go backwards and review albums that had been out for so long.     

   1. Patrick Wolf – The Bachelor   

My review is here.  I can’t believe it took me so long to realise his genius.  Oh boy, but when I did….I now own every piece of music he has ever put out.  I am over the top in love with his sound.  I cannot wait until the new album comes out slated for early 2010 – The Conqueror  


2.Florence and the Machine – Lungs   

What can I say about Florence that wasn’t already said here.  She is soulful and dark and I listen to her album nonstop. Really between her and Patrick Wolf they are always getting played on repeat.  I drive my husband crazy with them.  I am excited to learn from Wikipedia that she is heading to the studio in January to create album #2…get to it Woman! Hopefully a new album by late 2010 that is as brilliant as Lungs.    

3.Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer   

I didn’t really give an outright review of this super band.  I just gave a brief little shout out and told you to give it a listen.  I hope you did.  They are fun, their songs tell stories in an experimental way that makes me want to move in my chair when listening at work.  My husband is especially over the moon about them.  I think he made the music grow on me because of his constant playing of the album.  I think it was bound to happen anyway but T forced it faster.    

4. Passion Pit – Manners    

This album came out in May of 2009 and I consider it to be my happy music.  In a bad mood, in a down mood, put on some Passion Pit and it’s hard to not smile.  This is Indie Pop or Electropop at it’s very best.  You should at least know the song “Sleepyhead” if nothing else, it’s been featured in the Palm Pixi commercial on TV and was features as an iTunes discovery download back in February and I think that might even be the song that prompted me to download the album.  I challenge you to listen to this album and NOT be in a good mood!    

5. Fever Ray – Fever Ray    

I am not sure where to start with Karin Dreijer Andersson.  She is listed as Electronica, I don’t know that it is a correct explanation.  I would say Theatrical, Experimental, Alternative….hrm.  I love The Knife the band she is in with her brother and I flew to this album happy to hear a lot of the same sounds.  Distorted voice and strange noises with her accent make this such a different sound.  I love her uniqueness and have to say to give her a listen if you haven’t heard her before, she is hard to describe.     

Holiday Mention:   

Also I have to say Tori Amos had the most unusual Holiday album this year.  I thank her for putting herself to the challenge and coming out with such a beautiful album.  Midwinter Graces was reviewed by me here and I will surely listen to it for years to come.  I expect it will be my holiday go to!   


Beats: Florence and the Machine – Lungs

200px-Lungs_FatMIf Tori Amos, Kate Bush and  PJ Harvey had a threesome, Florence Welsh would be their love child!  Her melancholy, malice and melodic voice leads to this soulful album that grabs at your throat and forces you to listen to the end. 

In the song “Kiss With a Fist” she sings with fervor and angst about a relationship gone wrong.  She is violent in her words but her voice lulls you into submission. 

She has a unique range that takes her easily from ballads and soul singing to rocky anthems and punky angst.  I enjoy her first album and will look forward to future endeavors from Florence and the Machine. 

Four full fluttery butterflies out of five!

Beats: Music Review – Muse


Muse recently came out with their fifth album The Resistance.  While they have always had a bit of an Arena rock sound this new album has back up singing that makes me feel like I’m listening to old Queen in a fabulous new way.  This album is full of falsetto and vibratto that you associate and love when it comes to lead singer Matthew Bellamy.  I think growing as a band is normal and experimenting with new techniques and sounds is exactly what this band is doing.  The small changes to their sound are fun and if you take a listen to their first album Showbiz it’s fun to hear how the band has changed in some aspects but also how they haven’t strayed too far from their roots, keeping the fans from way back when like myself happy but surprised. 

Take a listen to them and tell me what you think.

Things that Make My Heart Flutter – July 17th

Random Bits of Happy

*Craft day with my friend on Monday was a lot of fun.  I ended up with 4 pieces and with a little practice I’ll have something I not only am proud to wear but maybe even proud to sell.  Searching for the bits and pieces we used was fun too!  I can’t wait to get another craft day in order!

*Most of the rest of the week I was fighting being sick but it caused me to slow down and just take a little me time break.  I feel much better and am glad I didn’t let the sick creep in all the way!

*Late night whispers of our future.  These talks have been my saving grace.  When things are bad and the job search is so rotten, it helps to lay in the dark with his arms around me and whisper out our future that WILL be better!



ruffle panties for us plus size girls, we like the sexy too!, music you forgot you had but is such a treat to your ears, and all it’s little rooms of awesome, Harry Potter is out and I can’t wait to see it, catching my girlfriend in Japan online the same time as me and getting to talk to her for an hour, finding amazing books at the library, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has a steampunk area!


New music that I am waiting anxiously for! New Tegan & Sara!


Flutterby’s Music Reviews

Regina Spektor – Far

spektor-far Regina Spektor’s 5th album but only the 2nd studio produced album, you will notice more than just her and her piano.  From hearing less produced albums by her, I have to say that the studio produced albums tend to feel like they take away a little of Regina’s quirky strange personality that is highly infused into her earlier music.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love this album.  I am fully sold on Regina and her sound.   This Russian-American brings songs where she gives us a “Dolphin song” (Folding Chairs) and sings about a lost wallet (Wallet).  The album goes in many directions but the songs are blunt expressions of Regina telling it like she sees it.  Those views sometimes are strange allusions to religion, Blue Lips has Adam & Eve taking blame for this mess we’ve gotten into “They started out beneath the knowledge tree. Then they chopped it down to make white picket fences”  and Laughing With gives honest perspectives “No one laughs at God on the day they realize that the last sight they’ll ever see is a pair of hateful eyes”.   She takes us to her world, story telling songs that remind us of science fiction (Machines) and fables (Genius Next Door).  It took a few listens for me to warm to some of the songs.  The songs seem a little radio friendly and over produced, but you find her goofy personality sandwiched between the stuff shirts and realize that it’s a natural progression for an artist and trust that she will work out the kinks in working with a label in a studio.  I give this 4 out of 5 butterflies.

My favorite songs: Eet, Machines, Genius Next Door