Baubles: Rain Day

This is just about an exact duplicate of my outfit. Couldn’t find exacts but it’s close. My jeans are more distressed. My t-shirt is long sleeves. My necklace has a black chain in the mix with the silver. Anyway….it’s certainly close!

Baubles: An outfit for the mood

Bringing it Together
Yesterday I was so cold, but felt a need to be bright. I put on a yellow top with some gray accessories and was inspired to jump on Polyvore for an outfit to fit the mood. Here’s what I came up with:


Items in this set:


I’m on a bit of an Anthropologie kick lately. I go into the store and touch all the pretty outfits and go home and try to create something similar with what I have.

Baubles: Accessories

Bits of Shiny

So with Christmas now over it’s officially ok to be my usual Aires nature and focus on me me me! Baubles! The true meaning….little bits of this and that to make your outfit unlike any other. Here are a few accessories that I’d like to acquire. I bought a pair of Spanx tights for a wedding in November and can honestly say they were everything and more. In a boring flesh tone they have lasted a couple wears with no nicks or runs. I now must have a bright color!
The brown boots and belt will most likely be from Target and be look-a-likes of the more expensive fancy baubles. I know my price line and know this is where I will probably find exactly what I am looking for. As for the Tarina Tarintino necklace….it just calls to me….so I’ll save for it.

Accessory wants!
Items in this set:

What’s your next big accessory splurge?

Baubles: Steampunk

In preparing for steampunk craft day I got a little in the mood by putting together a little Victorian garb!

Baubles: I’m a Fangbanger!

I hope the song embeds through. If not you have to click through because I put the theme song as an attachment. As my tribute outfit that Sookie would wear as a good ole’ Southern Gal in the hot swamp lands in Louisiana! This was so much fun. Not at all affordable but I’d totally do a theme again as I had a blast putting it together.

Baubles: Fashion Fun

Just a fun outfit I put together that ended up having a playful feel.  This is an outfit that I put together in dreamland because the clothes aren’t affordable and also I don’t own anything like them…but it’s pretty to look at and dream.


How do you survive in FL in 100 plus degree days? Light clothes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, fans, popsicles, lots of water to stay hydrated and of course you have to stay stylish.

B4 you go…xoxo