Baubles: Beachy

A rough interpretation of what I wore for a spring time walk on the beach this past Saturday.  We had a nice long walk, lunch and a nap.  Perfect day!  The sandals stayed in the car because when in sand we go barefoot.  That’s how we roll in Florida!

Baubles: Hearts & Bows or What I Wore Today

Baubles: Rain Day

This is just about an exact duplicate of my outfit. Couldn’t find exacts but it’s close. My jeans are more distressed. My t-shirt is long sleeves. My necklace has a black chain in the mix with the silver. Anyway….it’s certainly close!

Baubles: An outfit for the mood

Bringing it Together
Yesterday I was so cold, but felt a need to be bright. I put on a yellow top with some gray accessories and was inspired to jump on Polyvore for an outfit to fit the mood. Here’s what I came up with:


Items in this set:


I’m on a bit of an Anthropologie kick lately. I go into the store and touch all the pretty outfits and go home and try to create something similar with what I have.

What I thought I was going to wear!

I say WAS because the weather has changed….as it tends to do in Florida. High of 68 low of 58 so I think I might wear a dark wash A-line jean skirt that is above the knee with my black textured tights. All the rest of the outfit should be the same.

Baubles: Cute and Casual

Casual Outfit

Baubles: I’m a Fangbanger!

I hope the song embeds through. If not you have to click through because I put the theme song as an attachment. As my tribute outfit that Sookie would wear as a good ole’ Southern Gal in the hot swamp lands in Louisiana! This was so much fun. Not at all affordable but I’d totally do a theme again as I had a blast putting it together.