Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits Of Happy

Oh this week! I cannot even begin to express! The last few weeks, I was at the point of giving up. I was trying to stay positive but having a really hard time doing so. Right at the point of hitting despair I get a phone call for an interview for the next week. That weekend I spent the evening with friends telling me I can do it, I’m smart & talented and I will get it! I put on my best smiley face and can do attitude and interviewed. So last Friday I was elated! I had done what many here in Florida are having a VERY hard time doing….getting a JOB! This week I started on Wednesday and so far it seems wonderful. A small IT company that’s been in business for 8 years. The owner is just this positive, nice man that is genuinely excited about what he does. It’s very refreshing! So here I go….learning what I can to do a great job and be his brilliant Administrative Assistant. It has me excited! (I just had to edit the paragraph and delete my over-use of exclamation points. LOL)

This week I think the number one thing that has me happy is the job. All else could be black and dismal and I would still have a grin from ear to ear.

The office is so nice that this is my view from the BATHROOM!

Bathroom of Wow!

My friends make me really happy! They offer such good advice and positive lifting words when things get tough. I am very thankful for them! Sherry, Jes, Heather, Stephanie, Kelly, Violet, Sarah thank you all!

Me and one of my besties....Sherry!

Quick Mentions

* King Fantastic – his music is making me move * Waldo trip with Heather * Just Dance on Wii – Can you say Spice Girls * Get togethers – Fall Birthday parties * the Amy’s singing me Celebration! * Chris & Chad buying me congratulatory rounds at the bar. * Sunday funday or how we spent our hangover…right Steph? * jamming to Ghostland Observatory & Die Anterwoord * bumble bee puppy costumes!

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

This has been a strange but inviting week.  I’ve been spending time job searching between fun and interesting time with friends.

Honey smiles after her first trip to a dog park!

I got huge smiles and lots of naptime after I met up with my girlfriend Heather for her day off and we took our dogs to a nearby dog park.  It was a great way to get Honey used to an off leash area with NO other dogs except her buddy Benny.  She is cool with him and they had the park to themselves to run in.  It had been raining the day before, so I took a graceful slide in mud and Honey fell IN, yes completely IN a deep puddle.  It was all quite funny.  We went to Starbucks afterward for coffee for me, water for Heather and a doggie latte for our pooches…(whip cream in a kiddie cup).

Heather spoiling me rotten with good foods!

That same gorgeous Monday we went back to Heather’s apartment for lunch where she proceeded to make green salsa, and Beef Chile Colorado which we had in tortillas with black beans.  Get this….this wonderfully talented woman even sent me home with canned left over sauces.  *psst* The Green salsa is gone and so is the walnut blue cheese bread you sent home with me.  SOOOO yum!  I love days of indulgence.

Tegan and Sara 9-2-10 in St. Augustine, FL

The Tegan and Sara show last night was wonderful.  They played all of the songs I longed to hear in concert, they were adorable and quirky and the show was great!  I got a ride down with a new friend with whom she and I keep finding things in common, she was taking her daughter down for her birthday since the big name band playing was Paramore.  It was tweens everywhere.  Terrell was racing the clock, he got off work at 6:15 and showed up at the show in the middle of Tegan and Sara’s first song.  It was the best timing and we had such a good time!

Quick mentions

* Coffee with Ethan * Dinner in the rain with my husband * Late night talks * making amends * reading in the sunlight * Searching for a job on a quilt in my backyard while Honey plays and chases dragonflies * The dozen or so butterflies that have crossed my path this week! * This song makes me want to dream a little more and smile a lot more. * My first pair of TOMS shoes were bought with birthday money (I saved gift cards and had almost forgotten about them!) * My husband singing songs but changing the words to fit his life, singing about me and the puppy….it really makes me fall in love with him a little more every time he does this. * Finding out carrot dogs still exist and planning to eat one Saturday! * Three day weekends with my happy little family! and winning tickets for MMA for my man thanks to twitter re-tweets!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!  Happy Labor Day Weekend and

Happy 35th Anniversary to my parents!

Butterflies: My long weekend….potential

Our weekend…kinda shoot from the hip, a lot of it can change at a moments notice. We are picking up a girlfriend from the airport tonight, she got a job a month ago and has been training for 2 weeks in AL so she returns tonight.  We might go out for a beer before after we get her home.  She lives in these really cool lofts downtown, so on her suggestion we might drop off her bag and then walk to The Sinclair or Dos Gatos….they are about 4-8 walking blocks from her place depending on which one.

The Sinclair

Tomorrow we don’t have any real plans but we haven’t been to the Riverside Arts Market in a bit and that’s a fun hodge podge of creativity, art and food vendors that happens every Saturday under the bridge.  That evening we might hang out with some friends, but no plans have been made, we are having dinner with My Brother and his wife and another couple we are both friends with at PF Changs and then might go somewhere with them for a drink.


Sunday is normally beach day for T.  If it still is I’ll get up early and go with him.  I have a big beach umbrella and some good books that need to be read.  He surfs usually from 8-12 or longer if the waves are good.  I take water and snacks and we go to the place that we can still drive on the beach.  I layout and try to make my legs less translucent while using spf 30 or above (I think my current bottle is 45), it usually allows a little color without burns.

That same evening my man and I are going to babysit for my Brother’s kids while they go to an event.  They should be in bed already, but the 2 year old tends to get up and the baby is 4 months old so I’ll feed him a bottle when he wakes up.  It should be a quiet evening watching a show on on-demand or what not.

Monday is up in the air but I think we might go down to St. Augustine and see T’s Mom for a friend of her’s Memorial Day party.  It’s been a few weeks since we saw her and she’s living on her own right now while her husband works in California, so T has been trying to go down there more often to check on his Momma!

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Random Bits of Happy

Thrifty Alice

My Mad Hatter

*We attended a Mad Hatter Tea Party for a friend’s new place.  She decided she wanted it costumed and so I scoured our closets and came up with these two outfits.  The skirt was the only thing I purchased and I did that at a thrift store…so meet our $1.50 Mad hatter outfits!  Her tea party was perfectly cute with multiple tea choices and tea cakes.  A friend showed up with a hookah and kiwi flavored smoke filled her kitchen and wafted out the side door.

* We went to visit Terrell’s Mom and took the scenic route to get there.  We always pass by a lot that is full of old Navy planes, falling apart and crumbling.  We always make comments about stopping and I finally said, “let’s really stop!” and so he pulled in and we had an impromptu photo session at the Aviation Cemetery.  I got all ballsy and sneaked in through the locked gates for this photo.  It’s right by a police station….so it had my heart beating a little fast, because I’m silly like that and because as we were getting back into the truck a cop rolled past us real slow, so I waved friendly like and he sped up a little and let us be on our way.  🙂

The Big Pink @Jackrabbits

* We met V and C last Friday night for coffee and First Friday in Riverside.  V lets me know she’s following the owner of a club that has cool concerts and he was having an Easter Egg hunt all over Jacksonville for free tickets.  Sounded fun to me!  So we took off and in 3 short stops we had found 2 eggs….which each had 2 tickets.  So we had a concert to attend Easter night!  The band headlining was The Big Pink.  A London band that has an amazing electro-rock sound.  They put on a great show and since it was Easter there was another Easter Egg hunt in the club and we got 5 more eggs with tickets for shows all the way through the end of May.  Some really cool shows.  I can’t wait to see Sea Wolf the Album Leaf.  If you get a chance to see The Big Pink I highly suggest going…they are high energy, they do a few spectacular covers and their own songs are fantastically catchy.  I keep hearing them on Sirus XM, the college station has taken a liking to them and I keep hearing new songs by them.

Quick Mentions:

* Guy Fawkes masks and avatar making. * Discovering my old Pandora.com stations * Getting taxes completed and with a nice return *Birthday month in full effect! * This article * Yoga and stretching that cracks my back finally * I’m obsessed with Obsessive Consumption *Sephora sent me an email telling me to come get an early birthday gift, it’s $30 of cool makeup and I got a mini-facial and my makeup done for me…they rule! * reuniting with friends from high school and the fun memories that the conversations bring * Dr. Sketchy’s is back in Jacksonville this Wednesday…just 2 days before my birthday…that’s like a birthday GIFT! * The Head On The Door album is so pretty, the Cure always brings it. *3 hour conversations to Japan * OPI’s Metro Chic is the perfect color of stone, it matches most everything.  *Strange conversations with drunk strangers that insist on playing pool against us at our table. “Um, that’s my Brother Timmy and I bought him that shirt thank you very much” “my name, I just told you 5 times, it’s Erin” ” that’s a girl, no really it is” “didn’t we go to school with him?”

Butterflies: Picture Post

A peak at my weekend:

* Little pigtails on Friday (or the day my contract ended short!).  I knew the boredom was short-lived.  The job’s workload was getting thinner and thinner…..and they cut my contract short. Blah!  But better things are to come of it!  I know it!!! 🙂

* So a little drinking commenced to drown my sorrows….I had two lovely men joining me.  Chris is a now former co-worker on the left and he’s waiting for his shoe to drop now too, they let a few of us go and kept the rest, Terrell of course you see a lot in this here blog, my wonderful husband.  They were my drinking buddies along with my sweet friend Emily, she owns the little speakeasy we were drinking at.  The inside of Underbelly  is small and quaint and this was taken in the “backyard” which has a treehouse for the DJ and fairy lights.  It’s SOOO cute!

*Saturday we got up and went to the Riverside Arts Market (known as the RAM), we took our bikes and met up with our friend Heather.  She’s big into bike riding and has been trying to get us to join in.  We brought our bikes and attempted a ride.  We really only got about 8 blocks away.  I can walk til the cows come home but need to work on my bike riding skills…I was poor biking companion and was out of breath and red in the face just a few blocks into the ride.  So we took a break, then rode just a few more blocks to Mossfire Grill and had lunch (and T & H had a beer, my red face had water!).  We then took a visit to her favorite new store Zencog so that she could get the new handlebars she bought put on her bike and then we hung out at her cute little apartment out front working on the bikes…..well, they did, I turned on the music and lounged on her couch with the door opened occasionally stepping on the porch to talk to them.  It was a wonderful day.

*Sunday we drove down to St. Augustine to spend the day with Terrell’s family.  His Aunt and Uncle were in town from Michigan.  We drove them out and walked around the Seafood festival and had fun wandering through the booths of Arts and Crafts, but really we stayed away from the fried foods and came home to grill out a steak and some chicken breasts.   I snapped this photo of Terrell and his Mom.  Posed pictures of them never turn out well.  One of them is always making a strange face, this picture captured their relationship so nicely.

I got a new camera app on the iphone, the Hipstamatic….it gives the photos different washes of vintage looks.  I over did it this weekend and hope you don’t mind that ALL the pictures look like this.

Hope you all had great weekends.  What fun kind of trouble did you get into?

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

* Doing favors for friends that make them so happy they almost cry.  It really gives you the warm and fuzzies to be able to say, “No really, I’d do anything for you and was happy I could do this for you!” 

* Walks on the beach during sunny weather.  Up until today (hello cold wind and 32 degrees!)  it was actually warm days reaching as high as 77 and cool nights.  I was getting used to the nice weather so I am a little bummed we have a few more cold days, but I got a little taste of the warm and know that it’s just around the corner! 

* Fun springtime is starting to peak through in everyday living.  I found this little dandelion while exercising.  I was on my walk and had to stop to take a picture of the green little bit of fun that was peaking through the dead grass that also has little bits of green popping up as well. 

Quick Mentions:

* Burial  – Untrue * “Honey you need to take that off my ipod, it sounds like bad house” * Podcasts that keep me walking past my normal 30 minutes.  * “No way….there’s an app for THAT!” * Baby fingers that curl around my finger….squish! * New friends commenting on my blog.  * Impromptu days that make me smile.  * Good books about vampires.    

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

* Hot baths that steam up the entire bathroom and turn your muscles into mushy balls of relaxed. I had Jasmine bath salts and had little tiny fragrant flowers floating around me.  It was so lush and decadent and I think I will sleep in total bliss tonight.

* Buying out what I could of the last of Vanilla Noir from my local Bath and Body Works. I bought 2 more bottles of lotion & spray even though I already had mostly full bottles.  They always drop the scents I love.  Ah well….after these are over it should be time for me to move on and find new scents.  I already am growing on Twilight Woods from them, and have my eye on a few new Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs scents that I would love to try.

* Having a night in with friends.  We made plans on Friday night and they kept changing.  Dinner, dancing, just going to a bar, meeting to see a movie.  In the end we went to their house and watched a comedy special that we talk through for the most part.  We did catch the occasional joke and had a good time laughing at the show but for the most part it was just a quiet night with friends and it was lovely.

Quick Mentions:

* Realizing that today 14 years ago my husband and I went on our first date.   * Listening to Patrick Wolf, Bat For Lashes and The xx pretty much non-stop.  * Getting the hang of blogging a few times a weeks and realizing that people actually stop by and read it!  * Fixing Facebook for my Mom and having her be uber thrilled….like I’m a super genius.  * Fluffy comfy bed making me have super lucid dreams.  *Dancing around my room in my ruffled panties.  * The french manicure I gave MYSELF lasting this long with no chips.  Yay for a bottom and top coat…they really do work.  * Pink-ifying everything….a pink felt camera case, a pink day planner, pink pens, pink phone cover…..PINK for life yo! 🙂

What tickled you pink this week?


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the blogosphere! I hope you enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends.

I will be giving thanks for my wonderful family that is always my backbone, my friends that are endless sources of fun and joy and to our health and happiness throughout the year.

My favorite blessing is from Halcyon and it is a modified version of a blessing his Grandpa used to give, he was such a bright star on this little planet:

“Dear universe, thank you for the miracles in every moment. Help me to be aware of all my blessings and be a loving presence in the world.”

What are you thankful for?

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy



My new scarf...made by ME!
My new scarf…made by ME!

*I learned to knit on Thursday thanks to the lovely Emily!  We sat in the dimmed, candle lit den of the Underbelly and had a wonderful evening chatting and learning.  I am so pleased with the end result and have started 2 other scarves already.  I can lose myself while knitting, it’s much like meditation, clearing of the mind.  It’s wonderful. 

Hi from FL! Sending love to Japan!
Hi from FL! Sending love to Japan!

*Friends threw a Sept./Oct. birthday bash since there were a handful of Libras in our circle of friends.  My Baby Brother included.  He turned 30!!!  It was great to have everyone together and having a good time.  It was a beautiful day and hadn’t gotten cool yet so the boat was buzzing across the water the whole day with people tubing on the wakes.  Lots of fun was had, meats were smoked, conversations were vibrant and friendly.  Missed was my girl Jes, she’s in Japan but we all took photos and I sent her the bunch of them, so she could feel our love!   


My eye Dr. Mapped my retinas
My eye Dr. mapped my retinas

*I went to the eye Dr. for my yearly exam and they had a new laser that mapped 200 degrees of your retina instead of the 30 degrees they can see by dialating your eyes.  This took a quarter of a second and required no trippy eyes for hours after the exam.  With all the wonky problems my family has with eyes I opted to pay more and MAN was it COOL!  And for the first time in years my eyes stayed the same, they didn’t get worse.  That is super good news. 

*The final bout of the season for  Rollerderby was this weekend.  It was fun to see the girl playhard and play it to win!  The first bout our B team kept the score close but in the end they lost, but our A team brought it and won with a 20 point margin.  It was a huge crowd and they had a great time hamming it up for all the new people that had never been to a derby game.  Seems “Whip It!” got the word out that Rollerderby is around. 

Quick Mentions:

*Cool weather is finally here, not for long but it’s still nice!  *rediscovered Regina Spektor – Far  *Leaving the windows open at night and snuggling under blankets.  *Music that FEELS like fall and seems to match the weather.  *fuzzy yarn  *text messages from my honey full of love.  *sitting outside to knit while my man does manly things.  *good non-fiction books, it’s hard to my attention with a NF book and this one does!  *Good friends chatting  me up on IM *Hair that dries into the perfect 40’s coif just by pinning it!


Things That Make My Heart Flutter 8-7-09

Random Bits of Happy

via Rita Crane Photography on flickr

via Rita Crane Photography on flickr

* Impromptu meetings at coffee shops in the rain with friends that can meet at a moments notice!

* Pedicures-manicures that pamper me to to ‘enth degree by girls that know me by name and insist on freebies since they like me.  Little cute designs on my toes and thumbs that make me smile every time I look down!

*Working, and having a cafeteria option with healthy foods like a salad bar!

via my own flickr account

via my own flickr account

* Old friends that you can pick back up with as though no time has passed.  You have a catch up conversation and then things are just easy….those are the best of friends.  Silence isn’t awkward, laughter is often and smile and hugs are given at random.

*Having co-workers that are just as odd ball and off the wall as I am and having that click moment with a group of them makes me think I’ve found my place for a bit, even if it is a temporary 1 year contract.