Butterflies: My long weekend….potential

Our weekend…kinda shoot from the hip, a lot of it can change at a moments notice. We are picking up a girlfriend from the airport tonight, she got a job a month ago and has been training for 2 weeks in AL so she returns tonight.  We might go out for a beer before after we get her home.  She lives in these really cool lofts downtown, so on her suggestion we might drop off her bag and then walk to The Sinclair or Dos Gatos….they are about 4-8 walking blocks from her place depending on which one.

The Sinclair

Tomorrow we don’t have any real plans but we haven’t been to the Riverside Arts Market in a bit and that’s a fun hodge podge of creativity, art and food vendors that happens every Saturday under the bridge.  That evening we might hang out with some friends, but no plans have been made, we are having dinner with My Brother and his wife and another couple we are both friends with at PF Changs and then might go somewhere with them for a drink.


Sunday is normally beach day for T.  If it still is I’ll get up early and go with him.  I have a big beach umbrella and some good books that need to be read.  He surfs usually from 8-12 or longer if the waves are good.  I take water and snacks and we go to the place that we can still drive on the beach.  I layout and try to make my legs less translucent while using spf 30 or above (I think my current bottle is 45), it usually allows a little color without burns.

That same evening my man and I are going to babysit for my Brother’s kids while they go to an event.  They should be in bed already, but the 2 year old tends to get up and the baby is 4 months old so I’ll feed him a bottle when he wakes up.  It should be a quiet evening watching a show on on-demand or what not.

Monday is up in the air but I think we might go down to St. Augustine and see T’s Mom for a friend of her’s Memorial Day party.  It’s been a few weeks since we saw her and she’s living on her own right now while her husband works in California, so T has been trying to go down there more often to check on his Momma!

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Butterflies: A Happy Moment

I am still here!  The joblessness in a state that has a 12% unemployment rate has just got me a little down and out.  Trying new things to bring up my mood a bit.  Until then, here is a favorite picture I took this weekend.  My man surfing, I was walking the beach, taking pictures and reading my book club’s current wonderful selection “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” on a blanket under a beach umbrella.  Pretty much a perfect day.  The Vitamin D did my mood wonders!

T catching a wave in!

Oh and just because….a closer look….


I feel better now that I posted SOMETHING!  How are you doing?  I hope you haven’t given up on my blog….I will return full on soon I am sure.  I am feeling better, even if I am still looking for that  j.o.b.