Butterflies: Life update

Butterflies: Life Update

I am insanely happy with my life choices right now!  I am over halfway through my first REAL semester of college and am maintaining an A average in my classes.  I signed up for summer term and I have my first spring break coming up in 14 years.  I think that I am actually doing spring break stuff THIS weekend thanks to a very close man friend taking me to Panama City Beach for a long weekend.  😉

My friends are wonderful, supportive and I adore them all!  They have rallied around me in my time of divorce and I only hope they feel the love back from me.  Especially that wonderful man friend that has maintained a great relationship with me long distance.  Tallahassee is a 2.5 hour drive and well worth it when you get spoiled like I have been.  I get princess treatment and it is refreshing to get away from the hustle, gossip and drama here in Jacksonville.  Fancy hotels, nice restaurants and all the attention I can handle and I grin from ear to ear like a school girl.  Seriously, cannot wipe the grin off my face.


Perma-grin on my thinner face!



I am still dropping weight like crazy and did a comparison from last year to this year on my Facebook page and you can see how my face has changed shaped.  Fifty two pounds and counting!  I walk and walk and then push and walk some more.  The fancy restaurants are not helping this though!  But every few weekends an indulgent few days are fine.

No, I haven’t abandoned my blog.  I will return to it on a regular basis soon, but I needed to distance myself from some aspects of the internet overshare that I was doing.

Hopefully I can post the next week with some great beach pictures.  I am praying for some sunshine and warm weather for our weekend away.  So far the weather channel is telling me it will be nice!

Things that have been making me smile lately:

*Champagne brunch *bright new purses made of recycled materials *herbs and flowers making the backyard cheery *”Change sides it’s halftime” *Music of any kind.  I dance and sing to everything I hear lately! *My new Seminole t-shirt *Buying clothes in smaller sizes!