Buttons: Links for the week

Here are a few links that kept me busy this week:

* Orlando is almost ready for a Harry Potter invasion.  Take a look, Hogwarts is now visable!

* I know I’ve mentioned the site before but this week had some really amazing posts!  Luxaire.  She makes posts about 2 subjects, food and clothes.  The posts this week and last were amazing!

* I love tights!  I just found two really neat textured pair this past weekend on my shopping trip with my Mom.  I am a plus size.  I am working my way to thinner but still am somewhere between sizes….16 or 18 which by the way the plus sizes are usually 14/16 and 18/20 and so my trips into dressing rooms are always me with loads of sizes.  I was excited to learn that We Love Colors has a plus size range of tights! I think this might get me through all the ackward sizes!  I think I’m going to be wearing more dresses!  I’ll let you know how my order goes!

* My favorite blogger Gala Darling recently posted “50 Ways to Put the Light Back in Your Heart”.  I am a total sucker for happy lists….so go for it! 

* Jazzi has the best blog for DIY couture looks! Her most recent post on the Diane von Furstenberg’s FW 09 Nomad Hat is great! I might try out a mini and make a headband.  I’ll take photos and make a post if it turns out successful!

* I have been reading 13 year old Tavi’s fashion blog for sometime now and it’s funny to see she is causing quite the stir in Paris.  I’m Team Tavi and wish I had the guts to be as bold as she is at such a young age. 

* Did you ever wonder what Couture is?  Here is the down and dirty of it!


Enjoy my random linkage!

If you have an interesting link feel free to share!

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Forgive me for a short list but I have had a flu-like virus over the past few days.  My husband had it over the weekend and despite fits of lysol rage, washing of sheets and cleaning of surfaces, I still ended up in bed feverish. One of the things I am happy about is that it was a short illness.

* Orange juice with extra Vitamin C  * Tiger balm back rubs reciprocated once I got sick too.  * Getting babied by my husband, he even brought me dinner on a tray.  * Movies online.  I caught up on just about every movie I’d been wanting to see.  * Bundles of clean fluffy blankets to snuggle under and break my fever.  * The Saturday shopping day with my Mother prior to getting ill.  We spent the whole day shopping and only purchased major sales, so many great deals!  * Finally both me & the husband being well enough to snuggle up close to one another at bedtime.  *Nyquil induced crazy dreams.

What made your week?

R.I.P. Zelda

Poltergeist and Teen Witch star Zelda Rubinstein passed away early this morning. I adored Teen Witch so here’s a trailer clip with all the funny 80’s outfits and songs. Zelda was adorable in this movie!  I always saw her as a tarot/palm reader and she was such an unusual persona that she was always cast in clairvoyant & witchy roles.

Baubles: Rain Day

This is just about an exact duplicate of my outfit. Couldn’t find exacts but it’s close. My jeans are more distressed. My t-shirt is long sleeves. My necklace has a black chain in the mix with the silver. Anyway….it’s certainly close!

Beats: New Music to Get You Going

Wow artists have been busy!  This is music that I will be obtaining to give a listen to within the upcoming weeks.  I’ll try to review what I can but really at least listen to the samples once they are up at the Amazon.com because everyone has different taste, but these are some current favorite artists. 

Released this week:

* Surfer Blood – Astro Coast – A new Indie lo-fi band that will be playing nearby at Cafe 11 on Monday 1/25/10.  I will give a review of the show since my husband really wants to go.  Sirus XM has played two songs Swim & Catholic Pagans and so far I like both songs. 

* Cold War Kids – (EP) Behave Yourself  – A digital only release.  I love these guys!  We have seen them live and they put on such an amazing show.  They are listed as Indie Pop but I think they have a little Blues Rock in them too.  I will be downloading for a listen soon.  If you haven’t heard of them start with Robbers & Cowards a wonderful 1st album.

* The Editors – In This Light & On This Evening – Brit Rock at it’s finest.  I have loved their sound before and am looking forward to another album.

Release Feb. 2:

* BT – These Hopeful Machines – Dance & Electronica that will knock your socks off.  BT’s music is heard on commercials, in movies, he’s a much sought after producer and I look forward to what he brings.  We’ve seen him live 3 times and I would go see him again and again.  His energy and music is contagious with happy.

*Midlake – Courage of Others – Indie Rock  lo-fi their sound is fluid and calm.  Sirus XM has played the single off this release (the name of the song has thus eluded me!) and it’s made me want the album. 

Release Feb. 9:

* Sade – Soldier of Love – R&B that in the past I’m sure her albums have contributed to many babies being made.  Sade’s voice is like a fine wine.  Her first album in 10 years and the single Soldier of Love is breath-taking! A must own album.  For the past 10 years Lover’s Rock has been a staple listen for us and I can say this album will most likely hold us for the next 10 years.

* Massive Attack – Heligoland – Electronica gone mainstream, but I have always called them Trip Hop.  I bet anyone that watches TV show House knows this band with opening song Teardrop.  I look forward to the deep sounds that they bring full of jazz, soul, hip hop and techno all mixed into beautiful beats.

*  Yeasayer – Odd Blood – Only described as Experimental Rock a band with a strange sound.  I have heard a handful of songs on Sirus XM and look forward to taking a listen to this album since the single that’s out keeps teasing me with sounds that tickle my ears. 

Do you have a favorite band that has an album coming out soon?  Who and what makes you keep listening? 

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

* Hot baths that steam up the entire bathroom and turn your muscles into mushy balls of relaxed. I had Jasmine bath salts and had little tiny fragrant flowers floating around me.  It was so lush and decadent and I think I will sleep in total bliss tonight.

* Buying out what I could of the last of Vanilla Noir from my local Bath and Body Works. I bought 2 more bottles of lotion & spray even though I already had mostly full bottles.  They always drop the scents I love.  Ah well….after these are over it should be time for me to move on and find new scents.  I already am growing on Twilight Woods from them, and have my eye on a few new Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs scents that I would love to try.

* Having a night in with friends.  We made plans on Friday night and they kept changing.  Dinner, dancing, just going to a bar, meeting to see a movie.  In the end we went to their house and watched a comedy special that we talk through for the most part.  We did catch the occasional joke and had a good time laughing at the show but for the most part it was just a quiet night with friends and it was lovely.

Quick Mentions:

* Realizing that today 14 years ago my husband and I went on our first date.   * Listening to Patrick Wolf, Bat For Lashes and The xx pretty much non-stop.  * Getting the hang of blogging a few times a weeks and realizing that people actually stop by and read it!  * Fixing Facebook for my Mom and having her be uber thrilled….like I’m a super genius.  * Fluffy comfy bed making me have super lucid dreams.  *Dancing around my room in my ruffled panties.  * The french manicure I gave MYSELF lasting this long with no chips.  Yay for a bottom and top coat…they really do work.  * Pink-ifying everything….a pink felt camera case, a pink day planner, pink pens, pink phone cover…..PINK for life yo! 🙂

What tickled you pink this week?


Buttons: Shake the Blues Away!

I am noticing that everyone around me has a little case of the blues.  It’s been much colder than it normally is for a Florida winter.  We’ve been inside trying to stay warm.  It’s warmed up a bit and it seems like we all need that extra push.  Here are some buttons to click through to give you that little push you need.


You can’t watch this video and NOT smile!

* The lovely and inspirational Miss Sarah Von wrote this: The Prescription for Happy forgive me for saying so, but you’ll be happy you read it!

photograph by NEGS26

* Throw an indoor picnic!  Invite a few friends over make finger sandwiches, lay out a blanket, have little nibbly things and talk by a sun filled window or if it’s a gray day light a fire in the fireplace and bask in the warmth with friends.

*Do a little bit of shopping.  Lift your spirits with a new dress that you can pair with tights and a sweater now but come spring time you have a flirty little frock.  Mod Cloth is having a cabin fever sale!  Here’s a cute dress, move fast the items are selling out quickly.

* Chocolate in moderation!  When we were having our coldest weeks ever it was time for my book club to meet.  We always bring food but with people dieting I was at a loss of what to bring.  Then it hit me.  I picked up some Skim Milk, some expensive hot cocoa mix, and fat free whipped topping.  Smiles on everyone’s face!

* Dance!  This is the best time to throw on some super indulgent pop music such as….oh I don’t know Lady Gaga, turn up the heat a little, put on ruffle panties a tank top, a moisturizing face mask and dance your butt off until the mask is dry and ready to come off.  While your at it rub on some body butter all over all this dry heat from our heating units is terrible for the skin!

* Have you done all of these things and more and are still feeling blue?  You might have actual seasonal depression.  Health.com has some important information and 8 mood boosters. Remember that it’s always ok to talk it over with your Doctor, winter blues are real, and sometimes the Doctor has the best information.

Keep Warm, Stay Happy and share if you have something special that you do to chase away the blues!