Blessed Be: Llewellyn & Bibliomancy

I visit Llewellyn‘s website pretty much weekly.  I love seeing what’s on sale, looking at tarot cards and I love reading the blog (I mean how else would I have found out about this creepy cloud in Moscow?) and of course I love checking out the free spell a day which isn’t always a “spell” per say, but sometimes something very cool like today’s on Bibliomancy:

Bibliomancy can be defined as “divination by means of a book.” This type of divinatory magic can be performed anytime, and it’s a fun way to receive spiritual messages from our immediate reality. You can even do this right now, with this book, if you wish! Either think about something that you want to gain insight about or approach the divination ready to receive whatever message the universe wants to deliver. Have on hand a sharp needle or pin. After meditating, hold the pin up high, open the book at random, and stab the pin into the pages. Afterward, write down the words (on both the front and back of each page) that the needle stabbed through. This will form a random string of words that can be interpreted by the divinator. Look for the messages being delivered; they’re not always easy to see but are profound once they are recognized!

I am looking forward to trying this today.  I think I have just the book to use too as it is a lovely work of fiction that has great meaning to me.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  😉

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Via Templar1307's flick

Via Templar1307's flickr page

* My family had a big Rosh Hashanah dinner last Sunday and I always love that the Jewish holidays coincide so nicely with my Pagan ones.  Also the fact that the food in the feast is so neatly tied together.  I say my own little prayer in my head along with theirs and I have my family and my own personal holiday all rolled up into one.  It’s so wonderful.  Rosh Hashanah is the celebration of the New Year going by the Jewish calendar which represents either analogically or literally the creation of the World, or Universe.   So it is now the year 5770 on the Jewish calendar.   As my Father says “Leshana Tova Tikoseiv Vesichoseim” or “May you immediately be inscribed and sealed in the books for a Good Year & a Good & Peaceful Life” , which I think is both pretty to say and nice tell someone!MH

*Even though in Florida we usually don’t start having Fall weather until late Oct. early Nov.  I still keep hope and get all excited about pulling out cold weather clothes and boots pulling out my heavy scented candles…I do love fall so much and I love the smells and the crisp air, it’s all so lovely.  I found a new candle that has me excited.  Yankee Candle has a Harvest Moon scent that seems like it’s two of my favorite scents combined Pumpkin & Spices with crisp Autumn Air.  I’ll be picking one up sometime soon and will let you know what I think. 

via Lochaven's flickr page

via Lochaven's flickr page

* I got the last book currently in a series I’ve been reading and cannot wait to break open the book and start reading.  I love new books.  Heck, love any book!  I love wandering down the narrow isles of my favorite used bookstore (they also have new titles as well….)!

Quick mentions: Hubby pumping me full of good vitamins and complaining, but then not getting sick when the rest of the family came down with the flu; butterflies that float past my work window;  new music on my ipod that takes me through the whole day;   slight cooling of our FL heat…from the 90’s down to mid 80’s, it’s a nice change;   pressing my face against my husbands cool back, he immediately scoots closer and eventually turns over to spoon me even if he’s sleeping;  She Wants Revenge in concert;  organic burritos with spicy homemade salsa; york pepermint patties that fall from the vending machine on accident (co-worker mishap but I ❤ them so he gave them to me!). 

Butterlies: My current influences

I think these are pretty self explanatory, as always butterflies influence my everyday.  I have an old skeleton key obsession and have a mini collection.  Books are always with and around me, currently scifi, vampires and pagan books are at the top of my stacks.  Tarot cards are back in my life.  I was using my oracle cards but am getting the bigger picture with my tarot.  Candles, daisies and crystals are just pretty and make me feel happy so I have actually been wearing a clear quartz crystal that my Aunt gave me years ago.  She has always been my Pagan connection, she gave me the crystals, the palmistry books, read my tarot at the age of 13.  I had put the crystal away when I moved and found it opening a box, it makes me smile and was a happy rediscovery.  Daisies and fern scented candles are in my life right now.  The fern scented soy candles surrounding the vase of daisies….well it’s just summer!  Fresh herbs, well I let them burn up but I do love them.  I neglect them but I adore them and buy them every year.  Last year was the most successful year.  This year my head wants to be in the plants but is in the clouds instead…looking at those big full moons!  Cottages are part of my current dreams and an obsession.  I dream about a cottage by a stream.  I have yet to look it up in a dream book.  I wake up and google search cottages.  The ecclectic nature of a whitewashed room with books and candles and vases of wild flowers with crazy quilts over wrought iron beds and sheer curtains with tin roofs and herb gardens, stepping stones with moss surrounding them and ferns in the nooks and crannys in the shade of the yard.  It is an escape I am guessing since the stress of looking for a job just keeps on coming at me.  I dream of simple, quiet life outside of the crazy of  jobs, cars, and bills.

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Me & TC

Reflection of Our Love - Me & TC

*This week has been a frustrating week for job searching.  All week long only finding one job to apply for a day in this horrid economy is not acceptable.  I set myself a goal of 3 a day so 1 a day was just suck!  Today I found TWO jobs and one of them I am very very excited about.  I have my fingers crossed and prayers said.

*This week also had me getting a medical diagnosis, which while not fabulous, it’s easily fixed with medication and I should see results soon and start feeling much better.  That is so hopeful for me and makes me giddy.  I know I won’t see results right away but I can’t wait!


*Craft night was such fun.  We made reusable sandwich bags and mine is really cute with strawberries & butterflies in pink & purple.  Plus I found a little button pink button with bling.  So me it isn’t even funny!  Now to plan another picnic! Really once I have a job (I know right!) it will be very useful.

*So You Think You Can Dance! is so much fun. I LOVE love love Kupono with his new dance partner Kayla.  They are so fantastic!  This week they danced to coreographer Sonya who’s style is SO dark and so beautiful.  I love girls with mohawks.  Girl crush…BIG TIME! The music pick was great, Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (hello itunes!) This week the dance had a story and they were vampires.  Speaking of vampires…True Blood is sexy hot. I am loving that show as well.


*A reconnection to my Paganism.  I grew up disconnected from religion.  My Father is Jewish and my Mother is Methodist and neither pushed their religion.  We always celebrated both religion’s holidays.  I tried reaching to the Christian religion and they tried to tell me my Father would go to hell.  I have a major problem there and it made me search.  I love my Pagan roots.  They tie me to both parents religious holidays as they all fall right around the same times as they ALL tie to the moon.  So I can happily celebrate all these lovely holidays for my own reasons.  Nature based religion is so me.  My husband and I took a picnic to a local park that has an OLD house and the picture at the top of the page is from that.  I needed to be out in the dirt.  I needed to feel the trees and hear the water lapping the shore.  It reconnected me in a way that made be realize how much I love our Goddess Gaia.  Full Moon is on July 7th and I look forward to the full moon!