Goals for 2011

I have started a list of things that I want to do in 2011.  Some of them are serious, some of them are silly fun things, some are just goals that I should be moving towards every year in my life.

I’ve been adding to the list the past couple of days.  It could keep growing and changing but I wanted to share at the point it is now since I reached 21 items on my list.


photo via Julián Rovagnati / Featurepics


Twenty eleven you will be Heaven!

This is not to say it’s going to be EASY, it’s going to take work to reach my goals, that’s not to say it will be rainbows and moon beams and smiles.  I know it’s going to be a hard year for me, a divorce looms in my near future and that can never be easy.  The separation has taken from me even though it has also given.  I look forward to taking back my last name.  Letting go and praying that I find myself, that I find my strength, that I find my happiness again.  As I take steps forward I feel wonderful moments of elation, I feel moments of great happiness when I meet a personal goal that I have set for myself.

1. Go back to school (this goal has already been set in motion – I start Jan 11th!)

2. Get my passport

3. Travel (I have plans for NY, Miami, Jekyll Island(not far I know, but a family wedding), and possibly….Japan!)

4. See one of my favorite bands

5. See a brand new band (I love music!)

6. Continue weight loss & exercise (already started but I also joined Weight Watchers & have exercise goals planned)

7. Start training to be able to do a small marathon (I have plans in March to walk a small marathon with my Aunt & cousins!)

8. Ride a motorcycle

9. Ride a horse

10. See snow (still haven’t seen the kind of snow that you can build a snowman in.  Just melty icey stuff here in FL)

11. Continue fixing my credit and putting money away (already started, but needs to continue!)

12. Get acupuncture for always stressed out back (I’m a worrier, I hold my stress in my back)

13. Give some free time to a good cause (already in planning, more on this later)

14. Participate in a flash mob (these look like SO much fun)

15. Go on a cruise

16. Visit Hostel in the Forest

17. Take belly dancing classes (signing up this week for a 6 week course)

18. Finish learning how to knit so you can follow a pattern – make fingerless gloves (found a place to take classes!)

19. Fix my tattoo on my back as it’s flash art and I want it to be pretty & unique

20. Start learning a language

21. Learn to love yourself more, fear less, stress less and you can be loved more freely

Do you have goals set, or resolutions?  Do you share any of mine and want to join me?  There are some special people in my life that I plan on sharing some of these goals with.  I am so very thankful for the friends in my life that are supporting my goals and lending encouragement – you are awesome and I love you gals & guys!

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

* I feel like my life is becoming me listing out my “firsts”.  My first ever road trip alone.  It was a quick decision and with a few phone calls I was a few hours away from a quick trip.  Cranked the music and I sang out loud both to and from.  It was so much fun.  To the friends that let me stay: Thank you for my weekend of ME.  It was an entire weekend of firsts for me!  It gave me the confidence to keep moving ahead on my own.

* My support group of friends and family.  My life is full of amazing, beautiful, strong women that have moved forward in my life to make sure I know that I have their friendship and love in my hard times.  It has brought me to my knees in thanks for such special people in my life right now.

* Exercise.  It has given me the strength to move forward.  To release any emotion I have that I need to push to the surface.  Walking my butt off and loving it.

*Music.  It is pushing me in my life, in my exercise and letting me be OK with my emotions.  House music is really pivotal right now too, it’s upbeat and energetic. These 2 songs are really helpful right now:

Quick Mentions:

* Going out dancing!  * The sweet supportive words I keep getting from friends. * Jack & Coke with my Brother. * Having cute boys tell me “You Killed it!” as I leave the dance floor. * Slumber party with my girlfriend (really just staying at her place, but hey….it’s a slumber party to me!) * Life handing you such strange signs that CANNOT be ignored. * Unemployment kicking back in. * Pink Sheets, frou frou spray and lots of pillows. * The middle of the bed. * Plans for my life * Phone calls that keep coming * “melt”

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

*I found this video via Coilhouse and it makes me ridiculously happy!  I love the Numa Numa song in all it’s weird strange European Boy Band Glory and it makes me giggly.  To see this ballerina get all goofy and still have the ballerina moves, well it’s just awesome-sauce!

*We are house sitting for my Father-In-Law and it’s fun to find my husband’s old family photos (pictures OF pictures…sorry for the quality, will have to scan sometime for him!).


My handsome husband - 1992

Dad's chopped bike. He was too cool!

T's Grandparents used to go clogging. Aren't they adorable! He can't talk about them without smiling, he misses them both so much.


A house where pieces of furniture or pictures have meaning.  It’s fun.  It’s also nice to be on our own for a bit.  We are enjoying just being a couple.  Quiet time, just each other to talk to, dinner together.  It’s been missed living with my parents and yet, with another job set back it will still continue until we can get back on our feet.  It is what it is and we will embrace the alone time for now!

* Staying my Father-In-Law’s means I am close to downtown, so I look forward to a trip to the library.  The big one, my favorite one, the one with the upstairs garden!  I will take pictures amongst the stacks to share.  It’s such a beautiful library and is so very big.

Quick Mentions:

*Teaching myself to purl.  So proud.  yep. *Witch House – specifically oOoOO and White Ring *A candle called Fireside….it smells JUST like sitting fireside….I can’t get enough of it. *My puppy’s new emo sweater (pictures to come…) *Drinking in the swamp *Friends that have a beer ready after a bad day. *T being so supportive and understanding during hard times, he IS my rock!


Baubles: Using what we have for Halloween

We spent $5 on both costumes.  We went this year as The Wolfman (1941) characters.  Terrell was The Wolfman and I was the gypsy Maleva.  The only thing we sprung for was the Werewolf kit that had teeth, makeup(that we didn’t use…) and liquid latex and fur.  It was fun, no one really knew the characters, but it didn’t matter.  Our outfits were detailed enough that Werewolf and Gypsy were immediately known.  Good enough.  🙂

As a kid, Mom always made our costumes or it was something that took very few dollars to put together.  My Brother and I never felt shorted and our costumes were always fun.  I was a witch, a gypsy, Cyndi Lauper, a vampire and other easily pieced together outfits.  It brought our creativity to the table.  I think my husband was a little impressed with my wolf face painting skills.  No need to use the oil paint that would itch and be on everything, I pulled out brown and black eye shadows and bronzer for base, along with eyeliners.  He was complemented on his face all night long.  A little fur on his hands and some old pointy ears I had from an outfit 4 years ago and he was set.  I’ll post a better picture later this week but for now….iphone quick capture!


Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

I can’t believe October is almost over.  Time flies when you are learning new things!

My Handsome Man and I

My Handsome Man and I

This month I am especially thankful for Terrell.  My husband makes me hella happy.  He has the right encouraging words when I feel like I’m not getting something, he knows what to say to make me chill out and he offers the best advice on how to fix a situation.  He is my rock, my best friend and my biggest cheerleader and without that this year I don’t know if I would still have my sanity.  Friday is our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Sweetness!  I love you more than I sometimes can even express.  Joining hands with you and promising to be your wife is the best thing I have ever done.

Me at work (showing off new shorter haircut)

Me at work (showing off new shorter haircut)

My job makes me happy.  While I have had a day or two where training made me question my ability to do this job…with the proper training I feel that I am getting a good grasp of my job duties and am getting the hang of what I should be accomplishing every day.  It’s rewarding to have a job that makes me use my brain a little.  It had been a long time since I had a job that makes me use my noggin.  I go home tired, I want to tune out and veg out.  I know this is a habit I need to break, and I am slowly fixing it.  Coming home and getting a few things done, taking a look at my checklist and THEN tuning out. 🙂

Blue Betty (rama lama oh oh BLUE Betty, rama lama!) hehe

Blue Betty (rama lama oh oh BLUE Betty, rama lama!) hehe

My car is making me all sorts of happy.  My car is officially PAID OFF!  WooHoo!  I need to celebrate the occasion correctly though.  My car to be washed and shined and made to look pretty.  She had some problems last month and it turns out she needed a tune up at 70,000 instead of the recommended 80,000 so with that my little blue Betty (A blue Ford Focus 2 door with hatchback) is running like she’s young again.  So we are down to having just one car payment and it’s a great thing.  I plan on using the money to go to our house fund.  Put away some of the money that would have gone to the payment and pay off bills with a little of it as well.  Ahhh!

Quick Mentions:

* The new Interpol album is dreamy * I love Halloween! Dressing as the gypsy from the movie The Wolfman (1941) and husband is going as The Wolfman (Lon Channey Jr.) * Plans to get away this next weekend have me excited!  Getting a room on the water somewhere! *This replica of an old aluminum ad, perfect for me (and matches the gross wall paper oddly enough!) and was a cheap find! * These cat eye glasses that I paid $8 for will be my new glasses soon (so I’ll have 2 pair nice normal, and sassy fun cat eye!) * We went to Rocky Horror Picture Show last weekend (I won us tickets on Twitter) it was a lot of fun! The cast was great! * Playing with Honey in the backyard, her bunny hops make me laugh. * Kind of obsessed with new genre Witch House, its strange and fun!

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits Of Happy

Oh this week! I cannot even begin to express! The last few weeks, I was at the point of giving up. I was trying to stay positive but having a really hard time doing so. Right at the point of hitting despair I get a phone call for an interview for the next week. That weekend I spent the evening with friends telling me I can do it, I’m smart & talented and I will get it! I put on my best smiley face and can do attitude and interviewed. So last Friday I was elated! I had done what many here in Florida are having a VERY hard time doing….getting a JOB! This week I started on Wednesday and so far it seems wonderful. A small IT company that’s been in business for 8 years. The owner is just this positive, nice man that is genuinely excited about what he does. It’s very refreshing! So here I go….learning what I can to do a great job and be his brilliant Administrative Assistant. It has me excited! (I just had to edit the paragraph and delete my over-use of exclamation points. LOL)

This week I think the number one thing that has me happy is the job. All else could be black and dismal and I would still have a grin from ear to ear.

The office is so nice that this is my view from the BATHROOM!

Bathroom of Wow!

My friends make me really happy! They offer such good advice and positive lifting words when things get tough. I am very thankful for them! Sherry, Jes, Heather, Stephanie, Kelly, Violet, Sarah thank you all!

Me and one of my besties....Sherry!

Quick Mentions

* King Fantastic – his music is making me move * Waldo trip with Heather * Just Dance on Wii – Can you say Spice Girls * Get togethers – Fall Birthday parties * the Amy’s singing me Celebration! * Chris & Chad buying me congratulatory rounds at the bar. * Sunday funday or how we spent our hangover…right Steph? * jamming to Ghostland Observatory & Die Anterwoord * bumble bee puppy costumes!

Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

This has been a strange but inviting week.  I’ve been spending time job searching between fun and interesting time with friends.

Honey smiles after her first trip to a dog park!

I got huge smiles and lots of naptime after I met up with my girlfriend Heather for her day off and we took our dogs to a nearby dog park.  It was a great way to get Honey used to an off leash area with NO other dogs except her buddy Benny.  She is cool with him and they had the park to themselves to run in.  It had been raining the day before, so I took a graceful slide in mud and Honey fell IN, yes completely IN a deep puddle.  It was all quite funny.  We went to Starbucks afterward for coffee for me, water for Heather and a doggie latte for our pooches…(whip cream in a kiddie cup).

Heather spoiling me rotten with good foods!

That same gorgeous Monday we went back to Heather’s apartment for lunch where she proceeded to make green salsa, and Beef Chile Colorado which we had in tortillas with black beans.  Get this….this wonderfully talented woman even sent me home with canned left over sauces.  *psst* The Green salsa is gone and so is the walnut blue cheese bread you sent home with me.  SOOOO yum!  I love days of indulgence.

Tegan and Sara 9-2-10 in St. Augustine, FL

The Tegan and Sara show last night was wonderful.  They played all of the songs I longed to hear in concert, they were adorable and quirky and the show was great!  I got a ride down with a new friend with whom she and I keep finding things in common, she was taking her daughter down for her birthday since the big name band playing was Paramore.  It was tweens everywhere.  Terrell was racing the clock, he got off work at 6:15 and showed up at the show in the middle of Tegan and Sara’s first song.  It was the best timing and we had such a good time!

Quick mentions

* Coffee with Ethan * Dinner in the rain with my husband * Late night talks * making amends * reading in the sunlight * Searching for a job on a quilt in my backyard while Honey plays and chases dragonflies * The dozen or so butterflies that have crossed my path this week! * This song makes me want to dream a little more and smile a lot more. * My first pair of TOMS shoes were bought with birthday money (I saved gift cards and had almost forgotten about them!) * My husband singing songs but changing the words to fit his life, singing about me and the puppy….it really makes me fall in love with him a little more every time he does this. * Finding out carrot dogs still exist and planning to eat one Saturday! * Three day weekends with my happy little family! and winning tickets for MMA for my man thanks to twitter re-tweets!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!  Happy Labor Day Weekend and

Happy 35th Anniversary to my parents!

Butterflies:Picture update

The weekend we got Honey, Terrell and I drove up the coast and spent the day in little beach towns on our way to a friend’s birthday party (she lives in St. Mary’s GA near the Navy Base since her husband is on a submarine)

Stairway in downtown Amelia Island

Weird little Shrimps are painted all over town

We had lunch at a Cafe on the water and couldn't pass up the goofy photo op on the dock!

If I showed his, I have to show mine....thus....my goofy photo!

That same night we brought Honey home....

The next Saturday we took Honey to her first concert...Rickolus had a free CD release show.

Here’s a video of Rickolus…he’s got a great Indie Rock sound and he’s from Jacksonville.  We enjoy hearing him play and watching his music gain popularity over the past few years.

Then the weekend after that there was ANOTHER free concert at Zombie Bikes, Astronautalis was in town and had a concert in the Freeebird RV that he and friend Blubird are touring in.  It was a strange show, we’ve seen him 3 times prior to this show and this was by far the strangest.  It was BYOB or $5 to drink from the keg.  We brought our own and danced and sweated our butts off in the parking lot.  It was a great night.

Also Astronautalis is a great performer with his music being a mix between Hip Hop & sort of Shoegazer Rock.  He’s hard to explain, I’ve used the term Intelligent Hip Hop before, I mean who else have you heard sing an amazing song about the Battle of Trenton?  He was opening last year for Tegan & Sara and is gaining more fans every time we see him.  I love that he’s from here because he plays here just about every return trip home!

The RV

Astronautalis mid song from inside the RV

….and there you go….an update of the past month and a week in pictures.  I wasn’t very good at picture taking.  I usually take many more in that time frame.  I will be trying to improve on that and have many more interesting pictures than what I currently see….which is a metric ton of puppy pictures.  🙂

Butterflies: New “family” memeber

It’s been about 2 years since our dog died.  He was a chug, half chihuahua, half pug, a rescue and we had him almost since our relationship began.  I think we got Enrique in Feb of 97 and we had met in Jan of 96.  He was a wonderful little dog and many of our friends ended up getting small dogs because they were so in love with our little guy.  We were heartbroken when we had to put him down.  He had heart failure at 13 years old.

We had started talking about a new pet again.  We decided only if we could rescue again.  Then about a month ago we went to a party and a girl showed up with a chihuahua that had been found in the woods behind her house.  Her daughter kept telling her for a day or two prior that she had seen a “baby puppy in the woods” and she thought her daughter was playing make believe.  Then imagine her surprise when a tiny little face was staring back at her from her sliding glass door.  She had her for about 2 weeks and couldn’t keep her in her rental and had signs up with no calls.  So she brings her to the party to see if someone can “fall in love” and give her a home.  Well….there you go.

It was immediate.  The minute she walked through the door with this furry little face that needed a home I was in love.  We brought her home that night.  The next day I made calls, I had to know she wasn’t someone else’s pet.  I called the humane society and some shelters to make sure no one was looking for a female chihuahua.  Then we took her to a vet.  They checked her for a microchip (nope.) and then check up and tests and all her shots.  She is about 6-8 mths old (so born about January) and had a little ear infection, she weighs in at just 4 pounds.  Other than that she was a healthy puppy that needed to be fixed.  At that point we were thrilled to know that she could really be our puppy and we set up an appt. to have her fixed.  Please meet 8 month old Honey Bunny:

Honey Bunny

This past weekend Honey got fixed.  She has been a napping fool thanks to medication.  Now that her medicine is gone my task is to keep a high energy PUPPY from jumping and wanting to be active!  I have 3 more days of keeping her not so active.  In the month we have had her, we have gone from floppy crazed “get me off this leash” to walking like a prissy little lady, she sits, she lays down, and we are working on come, stay and down.  She is very playful and we are crazy puppy parents.  My iphone is packed with pictures of us and the dog.

Post-op Honey

My weekend in pictures


Sua Doc (Vietnamese ices coffee) & band


First Friday in Riverside now includes a fire show!


Cooking the Lumpia for Birthday fun (Jon's b-day)


Kelly cooking up stir fry!


Me & Sherry


Birthday boy didn't want his picture taken, so thus the stealthy picture!