Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

*I found this video via Coilhouse and it makes me ridiculously happy!  I love the Numa Numa song in all it’s weird strange European Boy Band Glory and it makes me giggly.  To see this ballerina get all goofy and still have the ballerina moves, well it’s just awesome-sauce!

*We are house sitting for my Father-In-Law and it’s fun to find my husband’s old family photos (pictures OF pictures…sorry for the quality, will have to scan sometime for him!).


My handsome husband - 1992

Dad's chopped bike. He was too cool!

T's Grandparents used to go clogging. Aren't they adorable! He can't talk about them without smiling, he misses them both so much.


A house where pieces of furniture or pictures have meaning.  It’s fun.  It’s also nice to be on our own for a bit.  We are enjoying just being a couple.  Quiet time, just each other to talk to, dinner together.  It’s been missed living with my parents and yet, with another job set back it will still continue until we can get back on our feet.  It is what it is and we will embrace the alone time for now!

* Staying my Father-In-Law’s means I am close to downtown, so I look forward to a trip to the library.  The big one, my favorite one, the one with the upstairs garden!  I will take pictures amongst the stacks to share.  It’s such a beautiful library and is so very big.

Quick Mentions:

*Teaching myself to purl.  So proud.  yep. *Witch House – specifically oOoOO and White Ring *A candle called Fireside….it smells JUST like sitting fireside….I can’t get enough of it. *My puppy’s new emo sweater (pictures to come…) *Drinking in the swamp *Friends that have a beer ready after a bad day. *T being so supportive and understanding during hard times, he IS my rock!


Beats: The Pet Shop Boys!

I will always love their sound, I will always be a fan. And here they are again showing how relevant they still can be! Love it.

Pet Shop Boys – Together (Official Video) [HD]
Pet Shop Boys | Myspace Music Videos

Beats: Music from everything

Proof that music can come from almost anything.  Snow White made into Trip Hop!