Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

This has been a strange but inviting week.  I’ve been spending time job searching between fun and interesting time with friends.

Honey smiles after her first trip to a dog park!

I got huge smiles and lots of naptime after I met up with my girlfriend Heather for her day off and we took our dogs to a nearby dog park.  It was a great way to get Honey used to an off leash area with NO other dogs except her buddy Benny.  She is cool with him and they had the park to themselves to run in.  It had been raining the day before, so I took a graceful slide in mud and Honey fell IN, yes completely IN a deep puddle.  It was all quite funny.  We went to Starbucks afterward for coffee for me, water for Heather and a doggie latte for our pooches…(whip cream in a kiddie cup).

Heather spoiling me rotten with good foods!

That same gorgeous Monday we went back to Heather’s apartment for lunch where she proceeded to make green salsa, and Beef Chile Colorado which we had in tortillas with black beans.  Get this….this wonderfully talented woman even sent me home with canned left over sauces.  *psst* The Green salsa is gone and so is the walnut blue cheese bread you sent home with me.  SOOOO yum!  I love days of indulgence.

Tegan and Sara 9-2-10 in St. Augustine, FL

The Tegan and Sara show last night was wonderful.  They played all of the songs I longed to hear in concert, they were adorable and quirky and the show was great!  I got a ride down with a new friend with whom she and I keep finding things in common, she was taking her daughter down for her birthday since the big name band playing was Paramore.  It was tweens everywhere.  Terrell was racing the clock, he got off work at 6:15 and showed up at the show in the middle of Tegan and Sara’s first song.  It was the best timing and we had such a good time!

Quick mentions

* Coffee with Ethan * Dinner in the rain with my husband * Late night talks * making amends * reading in the sunlight * Searching for a job on a quilt in my backyard while Honey plays and chases dragonflies * The dozen or so butterflies that have crossed my path this week! * This song makes me want to dream a little more and smile a lot more. * My first pair of TOMS shoes were bought with birthday money (I saved gift cards and had almost forgotten about them!) * My husband singing songs but changing the words to fit his life, singing about me and the puppy….it really makes me fall in love with him a little more every time he does this. * Finding out carrot dogs still exist and planning to eat one Saturday! * Three day weekends with my happy little family! and winning tickets for MMA for my man thanks to twitter re-tweets!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!  Happy Labor Day Weekend and

Happy 35th Anniversary to my parents!

Butterflies: Video that chills

I love Bjork and this cover in her honor is so GOOD!

Random Bits of Happy

Thrifty Alice

My Mad Hatter

*We attended a Mad Hatter Tea Party for a friend’s new place.  She decided she wanted it costumed and so I scoured our closets and came up with these two outfits.  The skirt was the only thing I purchased and I did that at a thrift store…so meet our $1.50 Mad hatter outfits!  Her tea party was perfectly cute with multiple tea choices and tea cakes.  A friend showed up with a hookah and kiwi flavored smoke filled her kitchen and wafted out the side door.

* We went to visit Terrell’s Mom and took the scenic route to get there.  We always pass by a lot that is full of old Navy planes, falling apart and crumbling.  We always make comments about stopping and I finally said, “let’s really stop!” and so he pulled in and we had an impromptu photo session at the Aviation Cemetery.  I got all ballsy and sneaked in through the locked gates for this photo.  It’s right by a police station….so it had my heart beating a little fast, because I’m silly like that and because as we were getting back into the truck a cop rolled past us real slow, so I waved friendly like and he sped up a little and let us be on our way.  🙂

The Big Pink @Jackrabbits

* We met V and C last Friday night for coffee and First Friday in Riverside.  V lets me know she’s following the owner of a club that has cool concerts and he was having an Easter Egg hunt all over Jacksonville for free tickets.  Sounded fun to me!  So we took off and in 3 short stops we had found 2 eggs….which each had 2 tickets.  So we had a concert to attend Easter night!  The band headlining was The Big Pink.  A London band that has an amazing electro-rock sound.  They put on a great show and since it was Easter there was another Easter Egg hunt in the club and we got 5 more eggs with tickets for shows all the way through the end of May.  Some really cool shows.  I can’t wait to see Sea Wolf the Album Leaf.  If you get a chance to see The Big Pink I highly suggest going…they are high energy, they do a few spectacular covers and their own songs are fantastically catchy.  I keep hearing them on Sirus XM, the college station has taken a liking to them and I keep hearing new songs by them.

Quick Mentions:

* Guy Fawkes masks and avatar making. * Discovering my old Pandora.com stations * Getting taxes completed and with a nice return *Birthday month in full effect! * This article * Yoga and stretching that cracks my back finally * I’m obsessed with Obsessive Consumption *Sephora sent me an email telling me to come get an early birthday gift, it’s $30 of cool makeup and I got a mini-facial and my makeup done for me…they rule! * reuniting with friends from high school and the fun memories that the conversations bring * Dr. Sketchy’s is back in Jacksonville this Wednesday…just 2 days before my birthday…that’s like a birthday GIFT! * The Head On The Door album is so pretty, the Cure always brings it. *3 hour conversations to Japan * OPI’s Metro Chic is the perfect color of stone, it matches most everything.  *Strange conversations with drunk strangers that insist on playing pool against us at our table. “Um, that’s my Brother Timmy and I bought him that shirt thank you very much” “my name, I just told you 5 times, it’s Erin” ” that’s a girl, no really it is” “didn’t we go to school with him?”

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

*  My Knight in shining armor!  I had a terrible week last week that ended up draining my already hurting bank account and sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, no lug nut bar to remove said tire and hives (I had just come from the Dr.)  I called my husband and not only did he come running….but we ended up having to tow the car and he took me home while we were waiting on the tow truck and let me stay cool in the AC while he dealt with that mess!  Also came home with the meds my Dr. prescribed for the hives.  He is my hero and I told him so many times!!!!


* Breakfast for dinner.  This week I wanted breakfast for dinner.  It’s such a guilty pleasure but we went to Village Inn and had crepes filled with yumminess and covered in fresh fruit.  Delicious!


*Bat For Lashes!  Her sophomore album feels like mellow magic.  It feels like fairies are dancing in my ipod.  I want to light candles put feathers in my hair and let her read my fortune.  Her songs are these beautiful descriptions of life.

*Craft night has been small lately and it has been a lot of fun to get to know all the ladies a little better.  Plus I have come home with a cute votive holder and also swanky cool greeting cards to send to friends!

*Working with people that I like.  I eat lunch with them and we end up having these conversations that result in belly laughs and sometimes tears.  Those laughs are seriously so good for the soul.  I feel lucky to be where I am even if it is only for a one year contract.

Quick mentions: candle light, vampire playlists, book club meeting, new tires & perfect alignment, true blood episodes that rock (Oh Eric!), cool gel benadryl (makes the hives stop itching like a charm), feather necklaces, Project Runway (finally! Season 5 on Lifetime), Riverside Arts Market, Birthday parties with jello shots, safely driving home drunk friends that yell funny stories from the backseat, Meeting people that wear shirts that say “Construction Worker by day, Ninja by night” and having them be as funny as their shirt!

New Category posts

I’m going to expand out since my beats and books categories aren’t being posted to as often as I’d like.  Life has just thrown a little curve and my book reading has declined a little (although I do have a book that I will be posting soon….just not every two weeks like I wanted) and music is sort of letting me down right now and I am not as inspired to write about any of the new music I have gotten.  So….

Welcome new categories:

Buttons – these are links I’ll post.  Fun links or new obsessions.

Blessed Be – I just feel that the Pagan stuff doesn’t fall under the Butterflies category too well and I want to write more about it and the more I write about it the less I feel it belongs with nature-y stuff.  So I’m splitting it up a little and Butterflies will be only about butterflies and nature-y stuff. 


Things That Make My Heart Flutter – July 30th

Random Bits of Happy

Crafty crafty!  My new purse!

* I GOT A JOB!!! I start Monday and I couldn’t be happier.  An administrative assistant for the IT department.  Working with geeks….I shall do very well in this position!

*I have been working at improving my crafting skills and sewed the above purse and make up bag out of a pair of old jeans and a tie.  I am a proud little crafter and also proud of my recycling skills.  I also saved my favorite jeans this week after the riveted button fell off (in a strange manner in which my jeans were being ripped off *shock*) and I found some old vintage buttons to replace the closure and also the the back pockets (which one had also come off….cheap rivets or something!) and it made the jeans super cute!  Reuse, Reduce and Recycle in full effect baby!


* I found a perfume that smells exactly like Aveda yummy products.  You can smell wonderful in an essential oil all day long!  Violet in 5 Points has the entire mini line of rollerball essential oils and you can pick your own scent.  Read more about the Tsi-la organics.


* This weekend is the SummerTime in the City annual celebration of Hip Hop!  Go to the site to find out who to see and where to go!  We plan on spending Saturday bouncing from site to site ending up at Shantytown in the end!  I can’t wait!

As a side bit of happy…free music and it’s all Hip Hop to celebrate the above:

Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangster! a mixtape by LA Leakers & Murs this is a fantastic mix

LEAK AT WILL a chance for Atmosphere to thank their fans. They are amazing, take a listen if you don’t know.

Urban Jacksonville #9 a mixtape collaboration by UJ & Thought &Theory is worth a listen.

There you go, 3 free dope soundtracks to get you through the summer.  Don’t say I never give you anything! Lol!

*The last little bit of happy is just me being so in love with my husband.  He supported me over the 3 months that it has taken me to find a new job.  It is stressful to switch to one income and he handled it with class and love.  He kept my spirit up when it was a little crushed and that is everything and more that was needed.

Things that Make My Heart Flutter – July 17th

Random Bits of Happy

*Craft day with my friend on Monday was a lot of fun.  I ended up with 4 pieces and with a little practice I’ll have something I not only am proud to wear but maybe even proud to sell.  Searching for the bits and pieces we used was fun too!  I can’t wait to get another craft day in order!

*Most of the rest of the week I was fighting being sick but it caused me to slow down and just take a little me time break.  I feel much better and am glad I didn’t let the sick creep in all the way!

*Late night whispers of our future.  These talks have been my saving grace.  When things are bad and the job search is so rotten, it helps to lay in the dark with his arms around me and whisper out our future that WILL be better!



ruffle panties for us plus size girls, we like the sexy too!, music you forgot you had but is such a treat to your ears, apartmenttherapy.com and all it’s little rooms of awesome, Harry Potter is out and I can’t wait to see it, catching my girlfriend in Japan online the same time as me and getting to talk to her for an hour, finding amazing books at the library, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has a steampunk area!