Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

This was a trying week as I had medical testing that drained me and stressed me out a bit.  However there are a few things that made my week better, made me smile and kept me on a positive mind set.

bangles and bracelets 2

*Saturday Terrell & I went to the Riverside Arts Market to see what was on the tables.  I bought some cheese from a nearby farm & some fresh organic red bell peppers.  We had a healthy lunch from the food vendor booths and then headed to my favorite thrift store.  At the thrift store I found 2 really neat bangle bracelets one plastic red & white and obviously vintage and a metal gold & silver that I’m guessing is from the 80’s.  I also came home with some funky picture frames and with a coat of black paint they were ready for some prints that I needed to frame.


*Tuesday was craft night and also my Dad’s birthday.  We were going to dinner as a family and I was upset about missing craft night.  I thought it out and went early so I could at least get the pattern and find out how to make it.  It’s a cute little retro owl and I picked colors of orange, yellow and green fabrics.  My owl pillow makes me smile.  I also got super crafty earlier and made my Dad’s Father’s Day card and made a messenger bag from an old pair of jeans.  All my crafts were very successful!  I gave myself big pats on the back!


*The best best best thing that happened this week happened yesterday evening.  My IPOD!!! It’s working correctly again.  It was working on the level that I could play it but every time I tried to hook it up to my computer so I could load my new music it went to “verifying…”.  It did this for 2 weeks and I finally let the ipod run completely out of battery and it powered up hooked to my computer correctly.  Look for 2 album reviews next week…Grizzly Bear & Regina Spektor.  Oh yay!  I have an 80G and only have about half of it used so I was going to be really sad if I had all that unused space forever!  Happy happy day!

*Last but not least my honey was feeling really burned out from work.  He took a few days off and has been spending the day with me.  We are silly together and have been spending lazy mornings in bed, afternoons running around town, lunches of grilled cheese and leftover curry (separately!) and lots of hugs and kisses.  Maybe tomorrow we can go walk the beach!  Of course I haven’t been good about looking for a job…I’ve been preoccupied.

What random bits of happy made your hearts flutter?