Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

* Hot baths that steam up the entire bathroom and turn your muscles into mushy balls of relaxed. I had Jasmine bath salts and had little tiny fragrant flowers floating around me.  It was so lush and decadent and I think I will sleep in total bliss tonight.

* Buying out what I could of the last of Vanilla Noir from my local Bath and Body Works. I bought 2 more bottles of lotion & spray even though I already had mostly full bottles.  They always drop the scents I love.  Ah well….after these are over it should be time for me to move on and find new scents.  I already am growing on Twilight Woods from them, and have my eye on a few new Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs scents that I would love to try.

* Having a night in with friends.  We made plans on Friday night and they kept changing.  Dinner, dancing, just going to a bar, meeting to see a movie.  In the end we went to their house and watched a comedy special that we talk through for the most part.  We did catch the occasional joke and had a good time laughing at the show but for the most part it was just a quiet night with friends and it was lovely.

Quick Mentions:

* Realizing that today 14 years ago my husband and I went on our first date.   * Listening to Patrick Wolf, Bat For Lashes and The xx pretty much non-stop.  * Getting the hang of blogging a few times a weeks and realizing that people actually stop by and read it!  * Fixing Facebook for my Mom and having her be uber thrilled….like I’m a super genius.  * Fluffy comfy bed making me have super lucid dreams.  *Dancing around my room in my ruffled panties.  * The french manicure I gave MYSELF lasting this long with no chips.  Yay for a bottom and top coat…they really do work.  * Pink-ifying everything….a pink felt camera case, a pink day planner, pink pens, pink phone cover…..PINK for life yo! 🙂

What tickled you pink this week?