Books: A Review


Mockingbird by Sean Stewart was referred via a blog entry by the ever magical Verhext and the book was a perfect summer endding read.  The story is about a woman who’s Mother has passed and has left to her visits from her Mother’s personal Gods.  Taking place in Houston, TX this tale is  magical realism revolving around prophecy, pregnancy and voodoo.  It was a wonderfully vivid read about having magic in your life, even unwanted magic that can tear apart or bring together a family in mysterious ways. 

While I am tempted to go read every Sean Stewart book out there, I am instead adding him to a list of authors I like and will return to him at a later date and will instead go back to the original blog entry and see what other gems I might find.  Verhext put together quite a reading list and while I love her blog I think I also love her reading habits and will poke about her entry until I discover another enchanted author.