Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy


  * My 9 year wedding anniversary was yesterday and I got cards and flowers and a beautiful necklace and lots and lots of love from my honey.  I know I’m very lucky and very loved but I still loved the extra attention.  Husband gets an A++ for effort on all special occasions.  He knows how to make me feel like a Goddess. 

Whitelake Actors


* Halloween!  How can you not like the holiday that lets you dress up like goblins and faeries?  In fact I’ve had past halloweens as faeries,  zombies and gypsies.  I love it.  Even today with work not having dress up I wore a set of silver horns I bought at a Ren Fest years back.  Little devil horns make my outfit pop!  😉



* My rediscover of oh how did I forget such treasure that produce such great and magical finds!  Tumblr is making me feel the magic again with friends like SuninScorpio, HighMagic, and WitchMountain.  With posts like theirs I can’t help but be motivated to make and find my own magic

Quick Mentions:

*Dinner with my husband when we get into deep conversations *Bookclub book that is uber intriguing *reconnecting with twitter friends *having someone to take care of me when I drink too much (rum puch = bad idea) *walks in graveyards *tombstone rubbings *jack-o-lanterns *getting ready for a family wedding *plans for travel *knitting hats and scarves for upcoming winter *Mirah – The Garden *My Vampire playlist on my ipod