Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the blogosphere! I hope you enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends.

I will be giving thanks for my wonderful family that is always my backbone, my friends that are endless sources of fun and joy and to our health and happiness throughout the year.

My favorite blessing is from Halcyon and it is a modified version of a blessing his Grandpa used to give, he was such a bright star on this little planet:

“Dear universe, thank you for the miracles in every moment. Help me to be aware of all my blessings and be a loving presence in the world.”

What are you thankful for?

Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy



My new scarf...made by ME!
My new scarf…made by ME!

*I learned to knit on Thursday thanks to the lovely Emily!  We sat in the dimmed, candle lit den of the Underbelly and had a wonderful evening chatting and learning.  I am so pleased with the end result and have started 2 other scarves already.  I can lose myself while knitting, it’s much like meditation, clearing of the mind.  It’s wonderful. 

Hi from FL! Sending love to Japan!
Hi from FL! Sending love to Japan!

*Friends threw a Sept./Oct. birthday bash since there were a handful of Libras in our circle of friends.  My Baby Brother included.  He turned 30!!!  It was great to have everyone together and having a good time.  It was a beautiful day and hadn’t gotten cool yet so the boat was buzzing across the water the whole day with people tubing on the wakes.  Lots of fun was had, meats were smoked, conversations were vibrant and friendly.  Missed was my girl Jes, she’s in Japan but we all took photos and I sent her the bunch of them, so she could feel our love!   


My eye Dr. Mapped my retinas
My eye Dr. mapped my retinas

*I went to the eye Dr. for my yearly exam and they had a new laser that mapped 200 degrees of your retina instead of the 30 degrees they can see by dialating your eyes.  This took a quarter of a second and required no trippy eyes for hours after the exam.  With all the wonky problems my family has with eyes I opted to pay more and MAN was it COOL!  And for the first time in years my eyes stayed the same, they didn’t get worse.  That is super good news. 

*The final bout of the season for  Rollerderby was this weekend.  It was fun to see the girl playhard and play it to win!  The first bout our B team kept the score close but in the end they lost, but our A team brought it and won with a 20 point margin.  It was a huge crowd and they had a great time hamming it up for all the new people that had never been to a derby game.  Seems “Whip It!” got the word out that Rollerderby is around. 

Quick Mentions:

*Cool weather is finally here, not for long but it’s still nice!  *rediscovered Regina Spektor – Far  *Leaving the windows open at night and snuggling under blankets.  *Music that FEELS like fall and seems to match the weather.  *fuzzy yarn  *text messages from my honey full of love.  *sitting outside to knit while my man does manly things.  *good non-fiction books, it’s hard to my attention with a NF book and this one does!  *Good friends chatting  me up on IM *Hair that dries into the perfect 40’s coif just by pinning it!


Things That Make My Heart Flutter 8-7-09

Random Bits of Happy

via Rita Crane Photography on flickr

via Rita Crane Photography on flickr

* Impromptu meetings at coffee shops in the rain with friends that can meet at a moments notice!

* Pedicures-manicures that pamper me to to ‘enth degree by girls that know me by name and insist on freebies since they like me.  Little cute designs on my toes and thumbs that make me smile every time I look down!

*Working, and having a cafeteria option with healthy foods like a salad bar!

via my own flickr account

via my own flickr account

* Old friends that you can pick back up with as though no time has passed.  You have a catch up conversation and then things are just easy….those are the best of friends.  Silence isn’t awkward, laughter is often and smile and hugs are given at random.

*Having co-workers that are just as odd ball and off the wall as I am and having that click moment with a group of them makes me think I’ve found my place for a bit, even if it is a temporary 1 year contract.