Beats: Bear In Heaven

My husband and I have very similar tastes in music.  The only thing I don’t follow his love for is usually the black metal, and then some of it I see what he likes.  This band, Bear In Heaven has sort of an Experimental Rock sound and my husband is loving this song.  I totally get why….I too am joining his Bear In Heaven bandwagon!  So Enjoy.

Other new favorite music links:

8tracks allows you to make your own “mix tape” of 8 songs or more.

I have a few up here.

This is currently a favorite mix.

And this is my favorite person to follow as her mixes are all about an emotion and the mixes are haunting stories.  I have no idea how she finds the music.  I consider myself well versed in most genres of music and yet every mix I run across a handful of musicians that I have never before heard of.

What are you listening to right now?