Baubles: Thrift Adventures

I spent a Saturday last month thrift store shopping with my friends.  It took a while because it’s my first try, but I put together a little video about our adventure.

Baubles: The Concert Goer

We went on a twitter feed Easter Egg hunt this past weekend put on by owner of the local place to go for concerts, we won many tickets to see a few great bands. This is what I wore to the first concert Sunday. UK band – The Big Pink…and let me say for an unemployed gal this was a GREAT treat! The band is amazing with a strong late 80’s -early 90’s sound.

Baubles: Casual

Baubles: Beachy

A rough interpretation of what I wore for a spring time walk on the beach this past Saturday.  We had a nice long walk, lunch and a nap.  Perfect day!  The sandals stayed in the car because when in sand we go barefoot.  That’s how we roll in Florida!

Fade into the background…


This is the outfit I’ve been living in while taking pictures of my new Nephew.  Boring but comfy.  Throw on a jacket for outdoors, and run so I can go ohhh and ahhh over the new little one in our family. 

Baubles: Hearts & Bows or What I Wore Today

Baubles: Rain Day

This is just about an exact duplicate of my outfit. Couldn’t find exacts but it’s close. My jeans are more distressed. My t-shirt is long sleeves. My necklace has a black chain in the mix with the silver. Anyway….it’s certainly close!