Goals for 2011

I have started a list of things that I want to do in 2011.  Some of them are serious, some of them are silly fun things, some are just goals that I should be moving towards every year in my life.

I’ve been adding to the list the past couple of days.  It could keep growing and changing but I wanted to share at the point it is now since I reached 21 items on my list.


photo via Julián Rovagnati / Featurepics


Twenty eleven you will be Heaven!

This is not to say it’s going to be EASY, it’s going to take work to reach my goals, that’s not to say it will be rainbows and moon beams and smiles.  I know it’s going to be a hard year for me, a divorce looms in my near future and that can never be easy.  The separation has taken from me even though it has also given.  I look forward to taking back my last name.  Letting go and praying that I find myself, that I find my strength, that I find my happiness again.  As I take steps forward I feel wonderful moments of elation, I feel moments of great happiness when I meet a personal goal that I have set for myself.

1. Go back to school (this goal has already been set in motion – I start Jan 11th!)

2. Get my passport

3. Travel (I have plans for NY, Miami, Jekyll Island(not far I know, but a family wedding), and possibly….Japan!)

4. See one of my favorite bands

5. See a brand new band (I love music!)

6. Continue weight loss & exercise (already started but I also joined Weight Watchers & have exercise goals planned)

7. Start training to be able to do a small marathon (I have plans in March to walk a small marathon with my Aunt & cousins!)

8. Ride a motorcycle

9. Ride a horse

10. See snow (still haven’t seen the kind of snow that you can build a snowman in.  Just melty icey stuff here in FL)

11. Continue fixing my credit and putting money away (already started, but needs to continue!)

12. Get acupuncture for always stressed out back (I’m a worrier, I hold my stress in my back)

13. Give some free time to a good cause (already in planning, more on this later)

14. Participate in a flash mob (these look like SO much fun)

15. Go on a cruise

16. Visit Hostel in the Forest

17. Take belly dancing classes (signing up this week for a 6 week course)

18. Finish learning how to knit so you can follow a pattern – make fingerless gloves (found a place to take classes!)

19. Fix my tattoo on my back as it’s flash art and I want it to be pretty & unique

20. Start learning a language

21. Learn to love yourself more, fear less, stress less and you can be loved more freely

Do you have goals set, or resolutions?  Do you share any of mine and want to join me?  There are some special people in my life that I plan on sharing some of these goals with.  I am so very thankful for the friends in my life that are supporting my goals and lending encouragement – you are awesome and I love you gals & guys!

5 Responses

  1. Excellent goals! I definitely share some of these. If you need an exercise buddy let me know! That and/or a buddy to go on a pilgrimage to snow with, I haven’t seen snowman snow in well over a decade.

  2. #1 – Your class is at Deerwood right? What time?
    #3 – This isby far my fav thing to do any time I can.
    #6 – Let me know what works for you. I need to do this as well but lack planning and motivation. Although I’m already going to the gym and starting eating foods with less carbs.
    #7 – I did this last year for the Alzheimer’s walk. It was fun.
    #8 – I know someone who may be able to help you with this. You know him too.
    #10 – Just get in the car next Saturday and drive north until you find some!
    #13 – You can plan this one with #7 so you can tackle two at once.
    #14 – I want to do this too!
    #15 – This is fun but you eat a lot! So it may not go well with #6 but if you plan excursions you should be ok.
    #18 – I know someone that can help you with this one too.
    #20 – Check out livemocha.com
    #21 – Sounds like you’ve already learned this one

    • LOL Megan I love your numbered responses!

      #1 my classes are morning classes Tues & Thurs. at Deerwood campus.

      #3 Travel is happening, just going with the flow and putting away money so the trips can be more fun!

      #6 weight watchers is great, I need the discipline that they force. As for working out, I can walk and I can use the gym at Deerwood campus so I will be doing that.

      #7 yeah I promised to help my Aunt with her girls and I can do the walk easily so I will look for something else that pushes me harder later!

      #8 I Know!!! We already discussed this!

      #10 possibly but I want someone with me, and I don’t want to have to drive since I’ve never driven in that weather before!

      #13 working on that!

      #14 well we need to start looking for flash mobs so we can DO IT!

      #15 yes but in moderation a cruise doesn’t have to be a binge, and if I’ve hit some goals already then it won’t be too big of a deal. I think I can handle it!

      #18 Really? Who? I really want to finish learning!!!

      #20 will def. check out the link thanks lady.

      #21 you are very sweet, thanks for all the comments and for reading my silly blog!

      • #6 – I didn’t know Deerwood has a gym. I won’t be there when I can use it but… I have started using the gym at my apt clubhouse.

        #10 – I’d volunteer but I think I’ve already overbooked myself this weekend with a class, dinner with a friend, and the arboretum or something (the last two were Katie’s doing).

        #14 – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4959909603

        #18 – well she crochets… that’s like almost the same thing… Katie

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