Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

* I feel like my life is becoming me listing out my “firsts”.  My first ever road trip alone.  It was a quick decision and with a few phone calls I was a few hours away from a quick trip.  Cranked the music and I sang out loud both to and from.  It was so much fun.  To the friends that let me stay: Thank you for my weekend of ME.  It was an entire weekend of firsts for me!  It gave me the confidence to keep moving ahead on my own.

* My support group of friends and family.  My life is full of amazing, beautiful, strong women that have moved forward in my life to make sure I know that I have their friendship and love in my hard times.  It has brought me to my knees in thanks for such special people in my life right now.

* Exercise.  It has given me the strength to move forward.  To release any emotion I have that I need to push to the surface.  Walking my butt off and loving it.

*Music.  It is pushing me in my life, in my exercise and letting me be OK with my emotions.  House music is really pivotal right now too, it’s upbeat and energetic. These 2 songs are really helpful right now:

Quick Mentions:

* Going out dancing!  * The sweet supportive words I keep getting from friends. * Jack & Coke with my Brother. * Having cute boys tell me “You Killed it!” as I leave the dance floor. * Slumber party with my girlfriend (really just staying at her place, but hey….it’s a slumber party to me!) * Life handing you such strange signs that CANNOT be ignored. * Unemployment kicking back in. * Pink Sheets, frou frou spray and lots of pillows. * The middle of the bed. * Plans for my life * Phone calls that keep coming * “melt”


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