I’ve been on sort of a self imposed hiatus.  I just couldn’t post, a dark place took over and I found myself not wanting to look at the good things going on around me.  I still don’t have a job, I am applying left and right, about 10-20 resumes are sent out a week to open jobs, but most places never respond back (with nearly 12% unemployment here, companies are flooded when they open a position).  I call a temp agency usually every 2 weeks just to check in, and have interviewed….but not really gotten anywhere.  It’s frustrating.  It’s down right depressing.  I know it’s not just me, many friends are unemployed and feel this way.

I am trying really hard to brush off the spiderwebs and find my mojo again.  I need my lust for life and positivity back.  I need to stop this self pity it’s leaving dust where my happy used to be.  I need to find my glow again and stop putting it on with a blush brush.  Faux glow just ain’t doing it anymore.

I am starting to apply at retail stores, just as a confidence boost to actually have a place to go, a paycheck be it small, but something better than the measly unemployment check that I’m getting.  I want to feel me again.  I want to feel worthy.  I love the people in my life and am so lucky to have such a loving husband and friends, people who have put up with my quiet and my tears.

Any suggestions are welcome….until then I will be trying my best to find and post just a little happy.

Today my happy is puppy kisses, a day in the middle of the week with my husband (he had a vacation day to use!), double coupons at Bath and Body Works….came home with a huge bag of new smells for only $10!!!  and reading while it rains (Eat, Pray, Love).

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  1. Hey Girl. I’m so sorry for having fallen out of touch. Work clamped down on the use of personal laptops, streaming media, etc, so I’ve been living in a cave. I can’t click links to view videos, so I save the email for later, then forget to recheck it when I’m home.

    I’m sorry that you’re down. Have you tried coffee houses? What about Chamblin’s downtown?

    • I understand, I keep talking to people who’s jobs have gotten strict with internet. I haven’t been going to coffee houses because it’s money I can save staying home. I do try to make sure one day a week I get out and not job search so hard, it makes the week break up a bit, but it’s hard to do this because money is tight.

      Or are you talking about seeing if there are positions open at the coffee houses? I’ve asked but most are part time and when you figure what I’m making on unemployment and then what I’d be making part time they come out to about even or a little under. It’s not worth it unless I’m able to find 2 part time jobs. Which I ask when I go into a place I like and I haven’t found an open position yet.

      Paytra told me Whole Foods was hiring multiple positions but when I called today it’s for one position, an experienced food service person for the food bar. I keep running into people telling me about jobs like that. I keep posting for positions online and checking in with temporary agencies but there is just very little out there.

      Something will work out….just trying to stay positive until it does. I’m taking a microsoft certification class through unemployment, so that’s a positive. 🙂

      • Yeah, trying to find a job in a coffee house. It didn’t occur to me that the pay would be lower than unemployment.

        Good for you on taking the Microsoft certification class! I hear those are tough.

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