Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Feeding Stingrays

* Trips with friends to the zoo!  We had girlfriends in from out-of-town and had a great day at the Jacksonville Zoo.  So much fun in fact that Terrell took 251 pictures.  Our feet hurt but we were done before the crowds started swarming in, it was a gorgeous day and we had a great lunch that didn’t cost a fortune because we left the zoo to eat.  All in all it was a great day.

Marc has parlor tricks

* Old friends, shared laughter, shared stories of the past.  With our friends in town they had a meet up at a local watering hole.  They called in people we hadn’t seen in years and years.  The stories were hysterical, the laughs made other customers stare and Marc was just Marc…..such a riot as always, even after years of not seeing him.  So crazy to live in the same city and for years to go by without running into these great people!

Quick Mentions:

* Animals showing us all their junk.  *Facebook reconnecting us to long-lost somebodies! Olive branch accepted. *Gorillaz has a new album out! Plastic Beach.  * fixing my own technical issues with no help from others!  Go Ms. Independent. hehe *Trying out Chrome *Silly conversations with my honey! * Great Teen novels * Thrifting for fun * Dinner plans that make me giddy.

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