Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Credit: Phillustrations via Flickr

* Finding that one exercise that you can do endlessly.  I hate to exercise but found out recently that with my podcasts, not music, but podcasts that I can walk, walk, walk and want to keep walking until the podcast is over.   The LOST podcast with Jay &  Jack that I currently love to listen to, they go on for over an hour as do most of the other podcasts I listen to.  It’s euphoric to find that one exercise that you don’t mind doing.  Listening to the podcasts I find that I am focusing on the conversation instead of my internal dialog which is usually “oh gosh how much longer is this exercise going to last?!” where as with music my internal dialog can usually be louder than the music and I quit too easily.

Credit: ME! via Flickr

* Seeing live bands is something that we love to do but it had been a while and finally we saw a band coming our way that we wanted to see.  Manchester Orchestra was great!  Full of energy and sounded great even if Freebird had the bass turned up too much.  The funny thing is that we went home liking the band that was opening for them almost as much as the band we went to see and so we downloaded the album for The Features and find ourselves listening to them a lot now as well.

Credit via Flickr: sTyLo0o ♥ صوره جديده

* I love Sephora.  I love just walking through and buying not one item.  Of course buying a new lipstick or eyeshadow is awesome but I love walking through the isles of goodies.  I love that they give you samples of the perfumes you like or samples of face wash or creme.  They have me hook, line and sinker because of their wonderful customer service, who doesn’t love getting pampered for just shopping!

Quick Mentions:

* IM’ing back and forth with my honey song lyrics to Biggie & Warlock Pincher songs.  * Watching 5 girls dressed like gossip girl share 1 single cup of frozen yogurt. * Mmm going out for Mochi Frozen Yogurt!  * Lions * Going out for drinks and posting it to Facebook so my girl would meet me out and having her show up but say she didn’t see my Facebook post….she just KNOWS!  Mad ❤ for my girl H!  * Finding the perfect summer sandals – hello black cage gladiators on sale that will look perfect with summer dresses!  * While shopping having boys dressed as grapes bump past you!?!  * Yes, shopping makes me happy whether I come home with anything or not! 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Your “5 girls 1 cup” is cracking me up!

    And yes – walking is the best! I’ve gotten rather roly-poly over the winter time and I think long walks are the only exercise I like! I think that’s because I watch reruns of Xena while I do it – nothing like watching a warrior princess pummel the crap out of someone to get your adrenaline going!

    I like the idea of podcasts, though. I will just have to fine an exhilarating one…anything to soothing and I’ll just just plodding along, instead of those brisk strides that they recommend 😛

    • The Froyo experience was interesting and my husband actually came up with the “5 girls 1 cup” comment and we had to laugh, they sat watching each other like they were counting how many bites each girl took. It’s fat free, low calorie Frozen Yogurt for God/dess sake! So sad really that it was a little funny.

      Oh I wish I had room for a treadmill! I would watch TV and walk my butt off! But since I don’t I either walk for long periods to podcasts or at least try to work in 30 minutes of Wii if it’s nasty out! The weather is finally improving though and I long to be outside so it’s working for me and the weight is coming off slow but steady so hopefully it will stay off and I can finally win the battle of the bulge! It’s been a long battle and I finally feel like I might conquer it this time. My only goal is to not be a plus size so with that in mind I’m not that far away from my goal! 🙂

      I am able to find upbeat podcasts, although a lot of them are for TV shows such as LOST, Fringe, and other confusing open questioned shows I currently watch. Although I also like spiritual podcasts such as The Wigglian Way but haven’t tried to listen to that one while walking yet.

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