Baubles: Beachy

A rough interpretation of what I wore for a spring time walk on the beach this past Saturday.  We had a nice long walk, lunch and a nap.  Perfect day!  The sandals stayed in the car because when in sand we go barefoot.  That’s how we roll in Florida!

2 Responses

  1. Great idea i love they way everything is displayed. I am in Ohio right now and cant wait for the warmer weather to come so I can wear styles like this soon!

    • Thank you for the comment….and welcome to wordpress. Looks like you are new. I love beach glass, when I walk the beach I always am keeping an eye out for that and sharks teeth too of course!

      Polyvore is great! It’s fun to use and great to work out outfits outside of your brain. It makes me try risks in real life that I don’t think I would have tried if I couldn’t see it first.

      The warmth is great….wish it was still here….we had a bit of a cold snap again and are back to winter jackets for another week or so. It was nice while it lasted though and pretty soon you’ll hear me complain about the never ending Hell like heat. Happens every year, I pray for warmth once winter gets here and then beg to get a little breeze back once we get the 6 months of summer that Florida provides. 🙂

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