Butterflies: Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Credit: Artiii via Flickr

* Planning a haircut.  I have medium length hair and once colored and cut I usually go about 3 months without needing a haircut or touch up.  I love planning.  I made my appointment for Saturday and I adore playing with the ideas of wild colors, over the top styles and cuts.  In the end I know it will be a trim, with maybe some wild layers!  I have fun anyway thinking about the styles. 

Also in the same vein…I found the cutest pink clip in extensions from Hot Topic and wore them all day yesterday.  I had two adorable pink streaks peaking out of my dirty blond hair.  Friends and Co-Workers thought it was real at first and they all seemed to find it fitting and cute.  I think it may just stay as extensions, but it’s one of the things I toy with in my mind all the time….so it was fun to live it.  I will be wearing them to a “F%@K Valentine’s Day” party on Saturday.  I will post some picture next week! 

Credit: Amazon.com

* The book club I meet with was last night.  Wine, food, discussion, laughter, full of all of the above we all leave happy and recharged.  A good number of the ladies expressed that this is the one thing they do for themselves each month.  It was time for a new book to be chosen and the person choosing actually picked a book because she knows I love Vampire novels.  How very sweet is that?  So I am really excited to be reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova this month.  It sounds really interesting.  I am looking online to see if I can grab it from the library and if not will call my local book consignment to see if he has it, I could download it to kindle for iphone but it’s a really long book and I think I want the real deal.  One way or another I will have it in my hot little hands tonight.  🙂

Credit: Googled images

* Last Thursday night I had a phone catastrophy.  My phone crashed and wouldn’t recover.  I found out it was under warranty but expressed to my husband that for many reasons (the biggest being I wanted an e-reader and had found out iphone….wait for it…..has an app for it) I wanted to upgrade.  We realised we could do so for pretty cheap since my contract was up and so I upgraded and then we got the replacement as well and hubby got a phone upgrade as well….for zero bucks!  He’s happy, I’m happy, I have an e-reader app and a book on my phone.  It’s blissful.  My love affair with Apple continues.  They can be pricey but SOOOOO very worth it. 

Quick Mentions:

* The silver vintage evening bag I found while antiquing ($6 and it’s adorable!) * Working on my #RadicalSelfLove bible – following along on the Gala journey (expect an update from me soon, I’m going to scan some pages) * Valentine’s day colors are my favorite! Pink, red and white oh my!  * Conversation Hearts “Bite Me” * Heligoland – Massive Attack is so lovely!  * Looking forward to Asian fusion for V-Day dinner


Credit: via http://www.guardian.co.uk McQueen with SJP at 2006 Costume Institute Gala in NY

Fashion has lost an icon

Credit: Google

Alexander McQueen—Aquatic Fairies on Speed – Spring 2010 Collection. 

2 Responses

  1. Oooh lady! You will love The Historian! In a weird bit of cosmic-whatever, my mother and I were just discussing that book last night over the phone…she expressed a deep adoration for the story and claims to have read it at least 5-6 times already. Me, I just read it once and barely remember it, but I do recall that I liked it, so that’s got to count for something 😛

    The pink hair bits do sound absolutely delightful…and if you do end up doing something totally crazy with your hair, make sure to take some pictures! Myself, I am trying to grow my hair down to my waist…as far as colour, I have The Man henna it every 6 months or so. It’s a lengthy, smelly process, but I think the results are worth it 🙂

  2. Oh and I got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as my first Kindle for iphone book. One of the books you suggested. I’ll let you know what I think but it might be slower read since I need to get through The Historian by next meeting.

    The hair….I usually cut above the shoulders once it gets warm but for now just a trim and playing with fake colored hair. I let him cut in whatever style he wants and he keeps most of the length….or summer time he can chop it….it’s just hair as far as I’m concerned. It grows back. 🙂 My only limits for him is since it’s Florida I have to be able to ponytail it off my neck! My hair is dirty blond (or med. ash blond if we are technical) it currently has honey highlights and copper lowlights. It makes the curls look deeper and it was a great color change! I’ll post a picture regardless…I usually do since he straightens it and makes me all sleek for a day or two!

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