Baubles: Hearts & Bows or What I Wore Today

2 Responses

  1. What a lovely little handbag! And I like that you included a fragrance…so many people leave that off…and to me, that is like forgetting your pants!

    • I think that handbag is adorable….wish I owned it but it was the closest thing I could find to my Target/Converse grey handbag. Since my handbag was from a few seasons ago I couldn’t find it to clip to polyvore. I feel like I need to add ruffles to my Converse bag now! 🙂

      I NEVER leave the house without a fragrance. NEVER! I have little samples and little bottles of BPAL and roller ball perfumes in my purse for whatever is my mood.

      Today….Christian Lacroix – Absynthe. It’s yummy and I don’t smell of licorice! I promise. Described as a green oriental scent. I couldn’t pass this up when my Avon slinging friend handed me the book.

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