Buttons: Links for the week

Here are a few links that kept me busy this week:

* Orlando is almost ready for a Harry Potter invasion.  Take a look, Hogwarts is now visable!

* I know I’ve mentioned the site before but this week had some really amazing posts!  Luxaire.  She makes posts about 2 subjects, food and clothes.  The posts this week and last were amazing!

* I love tights!  I just found two really neat textured pair this past weekend on my shopping trip with my Mom.  I am a plus size.  I am working my way to thinner but still am somewhere between sizes….16 or 18 which by the way the plus sizes are usually 14/16 and 18/20 and so my trips into dressing rooms are always me with loads of sizes.  I was excited to learn that We Love Colors has a plus size range of tights! I think this might get me through all the ackward sizes!  I think I’m going to be wearing more dresses!  I’ll let you know how my order goes!

* My favorite blogger Gala Darling recently posted “50 Ways to Put the Light Back in Your Heart”.  I am a total sucker for happy lists….so go for it! 

* Jazzi has the best blog for DIY couture looks! Her most recent post on the Diane von Furstenberg’s FW 09 Nomad Hat is great! I might try out a mini and make a headband.  I’ll take photos and make a post if it turns out successful!

* I have been reading 13 year old Tavi’s fashion blog for sometime now and it’s funny to see she is causing quite the stir in Paris.  I’m Team Tavi and wish I had the guts to be as bold as she is at such a young age. 

* Did you ever wonder what Couture is?  Here is the down and dirty of it!


Enjoy my random linkage!

If you have an interesting link feel free to share!

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