Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

Forgive me for a short list but I have had a flu-like virus over the past few days.  My husband had it over the weekend and despite fits of lysol rage, washing of sheets and cleaning of surfaces, I still ended up in bed feverish. One of the things I am happy about is that it was a short illness.

* Orange juice with extra Vitamin C  * Tiger balm back rubs reciprocated once I got sick too.  * Getting babied by my husband, he even brought me dinner on a tray.  * Movies online.  I caught up on just about every movie I’d been wanting to see.  * Bundles of clean fluffy blankets to snuggle under and break my fever.  * The Saturday shopping day with my Mother prior to getting ill.  We spent the whole day shopping and only purchased major sales, so many great deals!  * Finally both me & the husband being well enough to snuggle up close to one another at bedtime.  *Nyquil induced crazy dreams.

What made your week?

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