Beats: New Music to Get You Going

Wow artists have been busy!  This is music that I will be obtaining to give a listen to within the upcoming weeks.  I’ll try to review what I can but really at least listen to the samples once they are up at the because everyone has different taste, but these are some current favorite artists. 

Released this week:

* Surfer Blood – Astro Coast – A new Indie lo-fi band that will be playing nearby at Cafe 11 on Monday 1/25/10.  I will give a review of the show since my husband really wants to go.  Sirus XM has played two songs Swim & Catholic Pagans and so far I like both songs. 

* Cold War Kids – (EP) Behave Yourself  – A digital only release.  I love these guys!  We have seen them live and they put on such an amazing show.  They are listed as Indie Pop but I think they have a little Blues Rock in them too.  I will be downloading for a listen soon.  If you haven’t heard of them start with Robbers & Cowards a wonderful 1st album.

* The Editors – In This Light & On This Evening – Brit Rock at it’s finest.  I have loved their sound before and am looking forward to another album.

Release Feb. 2:

* BT – These Hopeful Machines – Dance & Electronica that will knock your socks off.  BT’s music is heard on commercials, in movies, he’s a much sought after producer and I look forward to what he brings.  We’ve seen him live 3 times and I would go see him again and again.  His energy and music is contagious with happy.

*Midlake – Courage of Others – Indie Rock  lo-fi their sound is fluid and calm.  Sirus XM has played the single off this release (the name of the song has thus eluded me!) and it’s made me want the album. 

Release Feb. 9:

* Sade – Soldier of Love – R&B that in the past I’m sure her albums have contributed to many babies being made.  Sade’s voice is like a fine wine.  Her first album in 10 years and the single Soldier of Love is breath-taking! A must own album.  For the past 10 years Lover’s Rock has been a staple listen for us and I can say this album will most likely hold us for the next 10 years.

* Massive Attack – Heligoland – Electronica gone mainstream, but I have always called them Trip Hop.  I bet anyone that watches TV show House knows this band with opening song Teardrop.  I look forward to the deep sounds that they bring full of jazz, soul, hip hop and techno all mixed into beautiful beats.

*  Yeasayer – Odd Blood – Only described as Experimental Rock a band with a strange sound.  I have heard a handful of songs on Sirus XM and look forward to taking a listen to this album since the single that’s out keeps teasing me with sounds that tickle my ears. 

Do you have a favorite band that has an album coming out soon?  Who and what makes you keep listening? 

2 Responses

  1. Well, I don’t know if they’re coming out with anything soon, but your mention of Massive Attack reminded me of both Portishead and Hooverphonic. Haven’t heard them in a while…I used to really enjoy listening to them, so now I will have to look them up!

    I think my last comment got eaten by your blog, but you had asked for recs of companies similar to BPAL and Haus of Gloi:

    1. Villainess – try her “gingersnapped” soap and her “scintillating” smooch (scrub)
    2. Arcana – I love her “murder ballad blues” and “shambahla” soaps and her seasonal “holy terror” perfume oil is in my top ten scents

    You can get them both at

    • Portishead had a new album (first in many many years) called Third (2008). It’s really good. Machine Gun is a great song but can never compare to earlier albums with songs as good as Glory Box! I hope they continue putting out music. It took a long time because of fear of the group thinking people would not think they were good anymore.

      Hooverphonic is amazing. I own 2 albums, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular and Singles 96-06. I think they are pretty great.

      Sorry wordpress ate your last reply. I love that you consistently comment. You give me great information and I used the books you referred me to yesterday at my local book consignment store. The owner has one of the books on hold and I placed my name on a waiting list at the library for the Stieg Larsson book.

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