Buttons: Shake the Blues Away!

I am noticing that everyone around me has a little case of the blues.  It’s been much colder than it normally is for a Florida winter.  We’ve been inside trying to stay warm.  It’s warmed up a bit and it seems like we all need that extra push.  Here are some buttons to click through to give you that little push you need.


You can’t watch this video and NOT smile!

* The lovely and inspirational Miss Sarah Von wrote this: The Prescription for Happy forgive me for saying so, but you’ll be happy you read it!

photograph by NEGS26

* Throw an indoor picnic!  Invite a few friends over make finger sandwiches, lay out a blanket, have little nibbly things and talk by a sun filled window or if it’s a gray day light a fire in the fireplace and bask in the warmth with friends.

*Do a little bit of shopping.  Lift your spirits with a new dress that you can pair with tights and a sweater now but come spring time you have a flirty little frock.  Mod Cloth is having a cabin fever sale!  Here’s a cute dress, move fast the items are selling out quickly.

* Chocolate in moderation!  When we were having our coldest weeks ever it was time for my book club to meet.  We always bring food but with people dieting I was at a loss of what to bring.  Then it hit me.  I picked up some Skim Milk, some expensive hot cocoa mix, and fat free whipped topping.  Smiles on everyone’s face!

* Dance!  This is the best time to throw on some super indulgent pop music such as….oh I don’t know Lady Gaga, turn up the heat a little, put on ruffle panties a tank top, a moisturizing face mask and dance your butt off until the mask is dry and ready to come off.  While your at it rub on some body butter all over all this dry heat from our heating units is terrible for the skin!

* Have you done all of these things and more and are still feeling blue?  You might have actual seasonal depression.  Health.com has some important information and 8 mood boosters. Remember that it’s always ok to talk it over with your Doctor, winter blues are real, and sometimes the Doctor has the best information.

Keep Warm, Stay Happy and share if you have something special that you do to chase away the blues!

2 Responses

  1. Hee! I should have know that the dress you linked to would be so colourful 🙂 What a great sale! Unfortunately every single dress that I was personally drawn to was sold out. Oh well…I think that might be the universe’s way of telling me that I need to put the kibosh on all the spending.

    I love the idea of dancing dolrums out of your system…but I am really not much of a dancer…even in the privacy of my own home! I get around this with DDR ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dance_Dance_Revolution ) ; I’ve been doing it for ten years now and although it’s not technically dancing (more like stomping and flailing…but still, that’s pretty cathartic!) And the bonus is all the cheesy Japanese pop music dance tracks!

    Great post!

    • Hehe of course it would have color! I am a color wheel! I have a light purple shirt on today with baubles full of different shades of purple and maroon. I had a similar problem going through the dresses. Also I am right on the edge of loosing enough weight to be a normal size and not a plus size so I am doubtful at this point any dress would fit. I am right at that 16 size where I can wear SOME XL and others won’t fit around my wide hips and rear end! 🙂

      I have always loved to dance and I am not sure that I am very good at it I just have this weird thing where I really don’t give a damn how I look or what others think while doing it. It’s probably the only time that I enter into that mind space. Give me a dance floor and I go crazy. When I go out dancing people always join me and dance with me so I don’t think that I am so terrible that people have to stand back and gawk. DDR is hard….I tried it at a Dave and Buster’s once and thought I would die trying to keep up. The music is infectiously poppy though. I love it. Stomp away sister….STOMP away. It will bash those blues away too! 🙂 Or you can just come visit us down in FL again. We are back to the high 60’s and low 70’s highs for daytime. I think a walk on the beach is necessary!

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