Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

*I’ve been pulling and reading about my Natal chart.  I am finding the information fascinating.  I’ve done this before but never gone through with the research of what it all means.  I do believe the planets affect our daily lives, the pulls as they move through the Universe, how could they NOT affect us?  If you are also interested there are many sites that offer free charts, or you can go here as I think Cafe Astrology has a great breakdown.  I also love to learn more about the signs by reading Mystic Medusa‘s blog on a daily basis.  She gives the most insite into people’s actions and their signs.  I love it!

*During cold weather there is nothing I love more than loads of pillows and my fluffy down comforter!  I love to pull the covers up to right under my arms, have a cup of hot tea or cocoa on the bedside table and have stacks of magazines, a good book or a girlie movie ready for me to devour.  This is my idea of a perfect Sunday.  If I am reading then I also like to have the radio on (XM Sirus) on the Chill Electronica station or New Age station.  These channels set the calm mood of the day and with lit candles it’s all about sinking into the indulgence of a weekend!

*Revisiting pages from books that I loved last year!  I had a wire storage unit that was fairly deep and 3 crates high full of books and it collapsed.  The plastic pieces that held the storage crates together literally snapped from the weight of all the books I had on the shelves.  It’s time to look for a real bookcase that will fit in the small corner….but until then I made due with some storage that can properly hold the weight of all the books and sorted through all my books from the past few years.  I also went through and tried to pick books to take to consignment.  Such a hard task for a book lover but I did manage to get a stack of about 15 books that I will be taking up to Black Sheep, a nearby consignment book shop.  While going through my stacks I found the book Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, a book about a love that spans through many reincarnations and always ends with one half of the couple badly burned by fire.  The story is heartbreaking, lovely and actually tells about 5 or 6 seperate love stories that all are the same two souls finding each other over and over again.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it (warning: not for faint of heart, I chose this book for my book club last year and some of the women had a REALLY hard time reading about the burns.  I only mentioned it because the scenes are pretty graphic, but the love makes up for it all). 

Quick Mentions:

*The Alchemist, I’m enjoying the heck out of this read currently.  * A new pink 2010 planner for my purse/desk it makes me happy just seeing it.  * New music that I snagged after reading 2009 best of lists for best albums and not knowing of the band.  There were a few really great ones I missed (Girls, White Denim, Phoenix….all equally for of win!).  *Boots over jeans. *Photo shoots thought out for really cool outfits…I love layering clothes. *The video for Paramore – Brick by Boring Brick it’s a fairytale set to music full of butterflies and fairies!  I love it!

What wonderful thing is making you smile from the top of your head to the tips of your toes?

2 Responses

  1. Gargoyle sounds excellent, thanks for the rec 😉 You’ve inspired me to do a similar type weekly post on my own blog!

    (I can’t believe it is really going to snow in FL tonight!)

    • I am so thrilled that I inspired you! Thank you so much. I have your blog set in my reader….but I’m following the link now, because I can’t wait.

      Not sure about the snow but I guarantee if it happens I will document the hell out of it. Our houses (and bodies) aren’t used to this solid steady cold. I have no idea how you get used to it. I have the most ridiculous amount of layers on. We are going out tomorrow for a friend’s birthday, dinner in St. Augustine and we are supposed to walk around the old city area after dinner….brrrr. I’m not so sure how that is going to work out.

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