Things That Make My Heart Flutter, the last one of the year!

Random Bits of Happy

*I found sparklers from 4th of July that we didn’t use…quite a bit of them, including a few giant sparklers.  Seems we over bought and lucky for me too!  I love sparklers.  Also champagne was brought over to the house in mass quantities (3 extra bottles) so we don’t have to buy any for tomorrow’s celebrations.  Those are major pluses since money is still tight.

*4 day work weeks!  Really, do I need to say any more than that.  A short work week makes it go by that much faster, and let’s face it, this year one of my goals is to find a real job that isn’t a contract job that gives me no pleasure, no respect, no paid time off, and barely enough money to get by.  Christmas and New Years are holidays for the entire company but contractors do not get paid for the time off.  I have never worked a contract job that didn’t pay me for company wide holidays.  It’s crazy to me, and yet just further proof and fire to get me moving in the direction of finding a better position for me in life!

*There is a special running over at Coilhouse and I was able to get issues 3 & 4 for a discount when bought together.  They showed up the other day and are uber gorgeous!  I am busy reading through issue #3.  It’s wonderful and dark and is as it in fact states on the cover: “A Love Letter to Alternative Culture”.

Quick Mentions:

*listening to Girl Talk, I forgot how much I love that big mash up of everything music.  *Glee!  I am such a Gleek! *Hightide Burrito goodness for last dinner of the year *talking to my girl in Japan on New Years Eve but here it’s not NYE yet…darn 14 hour time difference. *Super special alone time with T *Full Moon on New Years…a Blue Moon at that. *Plus size textured tights from Target. *Finding the perfect New Years outfit. *A sequined jacket that is perfect for all special outing!  *Bubbles! *An AbFab marathon *Warm weather on New Years…it will reach 70 degrees tomorrow!

This has been a very rough year but there has been good dabbled in with the bad and I created this blog to point out the positive and focus on the things in life that I am passionate about.  I think it has been a rewarding blog from my point of view and I hope that you have been enjoying the weekly doses of positivity as well as the posts on books, beats and baubles (my love for fashion & accessories!)  I am loving the new friends I’ve made through my blog and hope 2010 brings many many more!

Happy New Year readers!  I’ll be at a large party full of most of my favorite people.

Where will you be?

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