Beats: In Love with Patrick Wolf


Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor

Have you ever had a moment where you question where you have been for the past 4-5 years?  I did, the other day when after seeing the name Patrick Wolf pop up on blogs that I follow I finally looked him up.  I gave an immediate “WTF Shana!” to myself.  How dumb was I to not grab up his music so long ago? 

Patrick Wolf is a brilliant musician who’s music is is so hard to place in one specific genre.   He jumps from one genre to the next, one song sounding folk-pop the next sounding industial and the next sounding like a prayer put to a gypsy beat.  He uses Northern European instruments like viola, violin, harpsychord and accordian that give his music this otherworld-like sound.  I can only compare him slightly by saying if you like the vast genres that are covered by say Radiohead or Bjork that you will most likely enjoy his style as well.  His songs cover subjects of self, nature, supernatural and do so on this magical level that grab you by the heart and pull you in beat by beat.  I imagine gypsies whirling dirvish to some of his songs and can see little goth kids do the speaker box dance to others.  I love every second but if you need to take a listen to just one or two songs off this album “Oblivion” with Tilda Swinson narrating just gives me chills and album title “Bachelor” make me feel Patrick’s heart is worn on his sleeve.  Take a listen, tell me what you think! 

Five out of five big Blue Morpho Butterflies for this hidden gem!!!

5 Responses

  1. I love finding new music, and this sounds intriguing! Will definitely give a listen. Love the idea of “prayer set to a gypsy beat”!

    If you like gypsy/balkan sounds, I HIGHLY suggest The Toids Ruupert Dances in Fins album (no wordy words, but pretty incredible, none the less)

    • Oh I will go find them now! I do love gypsy beats. We saw this great punk-gypsy band as they were passing through town called Balkan Beat Box and fell in love with them. The crowd was maybe only 20 people because they were so unknown but they took it in good nature and played like they were playing for a packed house. They came down into the crowd and let us beat drums and danced with us. Most personal concert I’ve ever been to!

  2. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GIIIRLL!? I once heard PW played in a chilli’s. I was like WOW, WHAT.

    Also, way cool that you saw Balkan Beat Box. DO LOVE.

    My fave pw album is Wind in the Wires. For sure. So much love there.

    • I don’t know….I was being stubborn or heard a song that didn’t grab me right away! I can’t remember why I wasn’t immediately sold on him but jeesh I was missing out! Believe me I am playing catch up. I have his whole discography on repeat. Major major repeat.

      Balkan Beat Box was such a trip. I can’t talk about that show enough. So sad that no one really showed up but so lucky for us in that we got the best small show I’ve ever been to.

      Anything else I’m missing that I should be beat over the head with the album repeatedly? I’ll suggest Florence and the Machine if you haven’t heard her yet…..or Sunset Rubdown, they are great too.

      I love sharing of the new music. Even if it isn’t new per say! 😉

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