Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits Of  Happy


“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.”

Kurt Vonnegut

* Cemeteries.  I visited 2 cemeteries last weekend and had completely different experiences.  Friday night for our Anniversary, Terrell and I went to St. Augustine for a fancy dinner and decided to walk it off down St. George Street (it’s an old street in downtown St. Aug. that is closed off for foot traffic only, a tourist trap basically but has some really cool stores nonetheless) to end up at Hugenot Cemetery at about 8:45 pm.  We listened to some of the stories being told by the ghost tour guides and took photos of the cemetery at night and I had a light that appeared in my camera but not my husband’s!  We tried to be logical about it but none of the lights around us including the moon seemed to be causing the light and I saw it in 3 different areas.  It really was cool and I’m happy to hear what you think about it.  You can see the pictures here.  Also Saturday on Halloween during the day we went to a nearby cemetery that is rather old (and still accessible, Hugenot doesn’t allow you in the grounds unsupervised) and walked around reading the tombstones out loud to one another.  I took grave rubbings of the interesting ones, 1883 “Little Carrie” “Shall We Meet”, a really strange cat on a family stone, and some Masonic symbols on another.  It was a peaceful gorgeous day and it was nice without the noise and without any strange experiences unlike those from the night before.

* Walking on the beach at night.  Terrell and decided to drive up the coast to return home that same Friday night.  A1A was bright from the moonlight and we couldn’t help but find a spot to park so we could roll our jeans and go walk in the sand.  The moon and stars were so very bright.  We held each other tight and wiggled our toes in the sand.  It ended our night in such a beautiful way.  Terrell saw a shooting star.  Perfect.

*  Pagan podcasting.  I finally remembered to go find my favorite podcasters.  Without my laptop I have been a little lost and can’t wait until we have money again to purchase a new laptop.  I think it will be before the end of November, but regardless I used my Mother’s laptop to find out that Darkly Fey had decided to change things up a little and start off fresh with a more positive podcast name and using her real name for hosting.  So I have spent today catching up on Feithline Stuart and her SpiritsCast podcast and of course on Mojo & Sparrow with The Wigglian Way.  My work day has flown by listening to their podcasts that have little music breaks in the middle. 

 Quick Mentions:

* Practical Magic – I can watch that movie a hundred times and it never grows old.  * Sleeping with the window open, it makes you wake up all cold and cuddly.  * Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill * Leftover Halloween candy!  *Cool weather.  *Making lists for traveling.  * Getting ready to see family I haven’t seen in a while.  *Family Weddings.  *So You Think You Can Dance.  *Vanilla Noir by Bath and Body Works, it’s the perfect fall scent.  * Scarves to keep my neck warm.   * Crashing a Halloween party with a most awesome friend and meeting new friends at that party!  * Hamsa necklace with the prettiest irredescent stone to ward off the evil eye! *The photos I keep seeing in my re-found tumblr account

What has made your heart flutter this week?

4 Responses

  1. Good morning miss lady! I saw a comment you left over at angeliska’s blog, so like a stalker I followed you here (plus I think I recognize your tumblr so maybe we are not strangers!)

    I saw that you live near St. Augustine? I grew up in Daytona Beach, and although I am a southern bloom transplanted into northern soils (and have now seen more of the world), I can say without a doubt that St. Augustine is my favourite place in all of creation – lucky you!

    As for things that make my heart flutter…Dorothy Sayer’s Lord Peter Wimsey, lacy hand-knit shawls and the ghostly violet/periwinkle charms of labradorite jewelries are doing it for me lately!

    • I love it!!! Thank you for stalking me here. I love your tumblr page and frequently reblog you! I actually live in Jacksonville but that is a 15 minute drive from the south part of the city where I live to get into St. Augustine. If there were work in St. Augustine that wasn’t tourist fodder I think my husband and I would live there instead of in the Southside of Jax. But i’m sure you understand if you lived in Daytona. Until a time that we can figure out how to live there, we visit his Mom frequently as she lives there on the Intercoastal waterway and we do a whole lot of what we like to call “playing tourist” where we go and wander through all the magical little shops that exist on the outskirts of the tourist area and wander through the many strange little side streets, churches and graveyards.

      As for the things making you happy, I think I will add Dorothy to my list of “to be read” as it seems Lord Peter will be quite the interesting read. I love lacy shawls! I just learned to knit though and best attempt at lacy is using large gauge needles so the shawl APPEARS lacy when really it’s just a large gauge! 🙂 And oddly enough my husband gave me a necklace with a hamsa and the eye in the center has a stone that I thought was a pearl but I now think it’s the pearlesant sparkle of a labradorite! I have hardly taken it off since he gave it to me.

  2. Oooh, a new knitter! Best of luck to you!

    I just finished a project that took me six months…this thing was the reason I began knitting in the first place, and it took me 4 years to build the confidence to tackle it:
    (enlarge for detail). Hopefully you aren’t the scaredy-cat that I am, and jump into your new projects with both feet.
    Knitting is so rewarding 🙂

    • Wow that is pretty! I had a friend teach me and I have all my Grandmother’s needles and even some skiens of yarn that were hers. Nobody else in the family knew how and she passed before she could teach me. So far I’ve made a handful of scarves and a scarf that is large enough to be a shawl! I get better with each one though and it encourages me to move forward. However, I live in Florida and use scarves just a few months out of the year. So for now they are being sent away if they turn out without too many mistakes! I kept the first scarf as it was terrible but worn it once already, had many complements which ticked me because it started out 15 sts and ends 22 sts so lopsided! LOL. Here it is:

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