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As of late I’m on a magic kick.  Finding magic in the little things in life.  Like the sun reflecting off your watch and making your car a sunburst of rainbows, or taking a walk and having a ladybug follow you along your walk.  With that the blogs that I have been frequenting have a little of that magic in them as well.

The Carousel

The Carousel

* Verhext: Magic is as magic does,  describes her site as a world of tarnished sequins.  Fields and fireflies at dusk.  Midnight rooftop tea parties.  Whirling dervish to fiddles and clarinets….and more.  Her posts are poems filled with pictures and I adore her sense of style. 

*Angeliska Gazette is a New Orleans transplant living in Austin since Katrina.  She is fancying up her new digs in a state of eclectic beauty.  There is a beautiful gypsy magic that surrounds her life in glitter and music.  She blogs about everyday life in a way that makes me look forward to the next post wondering what type of wonderland I’ll end up in next. 

*Lady Lovona’s Cabinet of Curiosities is just that.  It’s like plundering in your special Aunt’s drawers.  You know the Aunt, the one that reads your tarot cards and secretly gives you sparkley makeup before Mom allows you to even wear makeup (you didn’t have an Aunt like that?  I do, she still gives me neat trinkets)  Lavona’s site is filled with her kitchen witchery and while her site is new to me I am finding new treasures buried deep in her site everyday. 

*Luxirare’s site is food and style porn whipped together in the most magical way.  Visit her site for yummy treats of bento boxes done up in the extreme or style taken to the maxium.  Beware as her style is very couture and can be quite NSFW.  But it is a magical treat nonetheless!

4 Responses

  1. Oooh, thanks for introducing me to vertext – gorgeous!

  2. I think you and I might just be kindred spirits! I found all of these blogs at once, back at the beginning of the summer, which prompted a similar though re: everyday magics.

    The above is a link to my blog, proper; I don’t really share it with everyone (the tumblr is more public, ever since coilhouse linked to me), but mangolassie is my actual life-blog 🙂

    Hooray for magic in the little things! the sky outside today is mabled grey, dappled with rain clouds, and looks like a procession of sad, wilty ghosts. Poor wee things!
    But pretty.

    • I think we are in fact kindred spirits! What a great post, it seems like it should go hand in hand with mine! Thanks for sharing your blog link with me. My job is a rather slow boring one for now and has allowed me the pleasure to read through many of your posts. I think I like it a little more than your tumblr because of your thoughts thrown in as well. There is less of that in tumblr. How cool to be in Coilhouse! I have recently stumbled on Zoetica Ebb’s blog and she is an editor there I believe. I have never ordered a Coilhouse. Keep being tempted and it has never fallen around the time I have extra money for magazines, or I forget about it!

      Florida skies are full of nasty weather, just dark menacing looking clouds thanks to the hurricane. Today I am finding my magic online instead of the humid, wet, sticky darkness that has fallen over our city. I am ready for the cooler weather but it isn’t ready for us.

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