Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

*  My Knight in shining armor!  I had a terrible week last week that ended up draining my already hurting bank account and sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, no lug nut bar to remove said tire and hives (I had just come from the Dr.)  I called my husband and not only did he come running….but we ended up having to tow the car and he took me home while we were waiting on the tow truck and let me stay cool in the AC while he dealt with that mess!  Also came home with the meds my Dr. prescribed for the hives.  He is my hero and I told him so many times!!!!


* Breakfast for dinner.  This week I wanted breakfast for dinner.  It’s such a guilty pleasure but we went to Village Inn and had crepes filled with yumminess and covered in fresh fruit.  Delicious!


*Bat For Lashes!  Her sophomore album feels like mellow magic.  It feels like fairies are dancing in my ipod.  I want to light candles put feathers in my hair and let her read my fortune.  Her songs are these beautiful descriptions of life.

*Craft night has been small lately and it has been a lot of fun to get to know all the ladies a little better.  Plus I have come home with a cute votive holder and also swanky cool greeting cards to send to friends!

*Working with people that I like.  I eat lunch with them and we end up having these conversations that result in belly laughs and sometimes tears.  Those laughs are seriously so good for the soul.  I feel lucky to be where I am even if it is only for a one year contract.

Quick mentions: candle light, vampire playlists, book club meeting, new tires & perfect alignment, true blood episodes that rock (Oh Eric!), cool gel benadryl (makes the hives stop itching like a charm), feather necklaces, Project Runway (finally! Season 5 on Lifetime), Riverside Arts Market, Birthday parties with jello shots, safely driving home drunk friends that yell funny stories from the backseat, Meeting people that wear shirts that say “Construction Worker by day, Ninja by night” and having them be as funny as their shirt!

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