Things That Make My Heart Flutter – July 30th

Random Bits of Happy

Crafty crafty!  My new purse!

* I GOT A JOB!!! I start Monday and I couldn’t be happier.  An administrative assistant for the IT department.  Working with geeks….I shall do very well in this position!

*I have been working at improving my crafting skills and sewed the above purse and make up bag out of a pair of old jeans and a tie.  I am a proud little crafter and also proud of my recycling skills.  I also saved my favorite jeans this week after the riveted button fell off (in a strange manner in which my jeans were being ripped off *shock*) and I found some old vintage buttons to replace the closure and also the the back pockets (which one had also come off….cheap rivets or something!) and it made the jeans super cute!  Reuse, Reduce and Recycle in full effect baby!


* I found a perfume that smells exactly like Aveda yummy products.  You can smell wonderful in an essential oil all day long!  Violet in 5 Points has the entire mini line of rollerball essential oils and you can pick your own scent.  Read more about the Tsi-la organics.


* This weekend is the SummerTime in the City annual celebration of Hip Hop!  Go to the site to find out who to see and where to go!  We plan on spending Saturday bouncing from site to site ending up at Shantytown in the end!  I can’t wait!

As a side bit of happy…free music and it’s all Hip Hop to celebrate the above:

Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangster! a mixtape by LA Leakers & Murs this is a fantastic mix

LEAK AT WILL a chance for Atmosphere to thank their fans. They are amazing, take a listen if you don’t know.

Urban Jacksonville #9 a mixtape collaboration by UJ & Thought &Theory is worth a listen.

There you go, 3 free dope soundtracks to get you through the summer.  Don’t say I never give you anything! Lol!

*The last little bit of happy is just me being so in love with my husband.  He supported me over the 3 months that it has taken me to find a new job.  It is stressful to switch to one income and he handled it with class and love.  He kept my spirit up when it was a little crushed and that is everything and more that was needed.

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