Things That Make My Heart Flutter

Random Bits of Happy

4th of July 09 097

*4th of July fun.  Starting on the 3rd of July with First Fridays in Riverside and then ending with Fireworks & friends on Saturday and enough laughs that I think I peed a little.  Oh and the fireworks mode on my camera working like a champ!

*Watching my nephew on Monday and Tuesday.  He exhausted me but he was so much fun!  One and half and he is walking…well running and starting to repeat words and recognize items with words.  It’s so cute and I adore him.

Sherry and I

*Meeting my girlfriend Sherry for lunch and having great talks and plans about making things (Monday during the day will be a craft day for us!) and having other bits of random happiness that stemmed from my lunch with Sherry.

*Having fun findng items for a new craft day, also hanging out with the girls in 5 points.  They are really a lot of fun.

*I also had a random encounter with a guy reading tarot and learned so much from one reading, more than I have ever learned from a book.

A great week all in all.  Tomorrow my husband and I are going garage sale shopping (we have some ideas and need supplies for cheap, how better to aquire them) and might stop out at RAM (Riverside Arts Market) just to pick up some fresh veggies and say hello to friends.

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