My favorite local links

I love that Jacksonville has all these small companies that start with an idea and end up with a great store!

Here are my current favorites:

Emily – Anomaly which isn’t up to date but will tell you how to find the most amazing store.  With local brands, and also the cool and hip fashion of the now, and of course handmade wares from her own two hands.  She also keeps a blog that updates her Tuesday night craft night and thrifty finds.

Burro Bags – I’m told the owner is a Jack Diablo.  I haven’t met him yet…or maybe I have and just don’t know it.  I go to Jacksonville events a lot and fail to get names of people I talk to!  But anyway…the bags and wallets are made from recycled billboard materials and I visited the store/place of creation the other day and as soon as I have a job again I will be purchasing one of the bags.

Arturo Clothing Co. has a great spot on Etsy and I just found a blog as well thanks to google.  They hand print tshirts in fun interesting designs and I keep running into them at stores, art walk and at the Riverside Arts Market.  Their shirts are high quality American Apparel and if you can’t find them at the locations I mentioned they ship out from purchases online as well.

I know there are more.  Tell me about what you have found in town.

2 Responses

  1. I am not the owner. Matt Bort and Chris Williams have been making their bags for over a year. I just came on board last month to do all the promotional and web-related stuff. Thanks for the plug though!

    As a side note, Arturo prints their stuff out of the Burro print shop. We keep it in the family in Duval!

    • I guess this is my lesson in checking out info. Also in reading the website content I plug . It actually says that on the about page.

      When I came out to the shop I said something about “I’ve been talking to the owner on twitter” and someone answered, “Oh that’s Jack Diablo” and they didn’t correct me on the owner part.

      And again I learn a lesson in ASSUMING! Thank you for the correction.

      The company is great though and again….as soon as I have a paying job again I plan on buying one! Duuuuuvvvvvval! I am all for plugging the little guy.

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